Stevns Klint

- offers extraordinary history

Stevns klint

Stevns Klint offers both unique nature and a completely unique history. You can walk or cycle the 20 km long route around the area and experience all the highlights of the cliff. Enjoy nature by bike or on foot and make stops to visit Stevns lighthouse and experience the highest point of the cliff, Holtug Chalk Quarry to look for fossils, Mandehoved where you can see buildings from the Cold War or Bøgeskov Harbor for fishing, hiking or just enjoy the view beyond the water. You can spend an incredible number of hours in the area and get experiences for all tastes. Fortunately, Stevns Klint is only approx. 30 minutes drive from Feddet. So when you holiday with us, you can easily get back and forth if one day is not enough!


Stevns Klint
Højerup Bygade 39
4660 Store Heddinge

Distance from Feddet:

35 km
Stevns Klint UNESCO verdensarv

Stevns Klint is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO has included the site on its World Heritage List. The reason is that in the unique cliffs one can see some dramatic chapters in world history. A very thin layer of fish clay tells the story of the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Stevns Klint in Højerup is the best place to see the team – and you can well prepare for a fantastic journey back in time!

Also visit Stevns Klint Museum

The area not only offers recognized nature with 66 million years of history. You can also experience history from the Cold War. It takes place at the Cold War Museum Stevnsfort. The Stevns peninsula was used as an important piece in Denmark’s and NATO’s defense. The museum’s guides take you back in time through live stories and guided tours of the underground. The tours are very popular, so it is a good idea to book a ticket in advance. As a group you can also try your hand at a very authentic escape room, where you have to escape from a bunker. Read more here.

Other excursion options

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