Copenhagen Zoo

- an experience for the whole family

Meet tropical and exotic animals

Zoo is a completely classic holiday experience. Who does not love to watch wild animals from exotic countries? Throbbing elephants? Wild lions? In Copenhagen, they actually have something that no other zoo in Denmark has, namely the cute pandas from China. It is a must to see them when you spend the day in the capital’s animal kingdom and beautiful park.

Are you staying at Feddet? Then it actually does not get easier. Your unforgettable experiences with the exotic animals are only approx. 1 hour drive from our beautiful 5-star campsite.

You can meet animals from almost all continents of the world. The cute pandas from Asia, the white and black rhinos from Africa and elephants from both Asia and Africa. South American ostriches, also called Nandus. Polar bears that traditionally live near the Arctic Circle – and an incredible number of more animals from all over the world.


Copenhagen Zoo
Roskildevej 32
2000 Frederiksberg

Distance from Feddet:

83 km
Københavns Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo offers many experiences

The Copenhagen Zoo offers a wealth of experiences. In addition to just walking and enjoying the park and watching the animals, you can also experience special events all year round. It’s everything from the daily feedings to decorating the park for holidays like Christmas.

You can also buy tickets for unforgettable experiences, where you get very close to the animals, for example. the elephants, pandas, penguins or tigers. Or how about trying to be a pet sitter or train the animals – just for a day?

You can buy regular day tickets, season tickets and tickets for special events online or at the park entrance.

Copenhagen Zoo is only 1 hour away

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