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The story behind

Feddet Strand Resort is part of Strandegård Estate.

Strandegård is located in Southeast Zealand. The farm is named after its location close to the Baltic Sea. The farm’s farmhouse and breeding buildings are beautifully situated in the landscape surrounded by fields, sea and fjord, hedges and meadows. From the farm buildings there are views of Faxe Bay and Præstø Fjord.

The history of the farm can be traced back to the 17th century. The area was then crown land and belonged to King Frederik III. In connection with the end of the Swedish wars, the farm was sold to Colonel Axel Sehested. In the following decades, the property was traded several times. In 1731 Otto Thott bought Strandegård. The owner is today named Ivan Reedtz-Thott. He lives on the farm with his family and is full-time engaged in the operation of the property.

The property consists of 600 ha. agriculture and 700 ha. forest and natural areas. In addition to the operation of agriculture and forestry, associated houses and farms are rented out. The activities also include the operation of the 5-star campsite Feddet Strand Resort, which for several years in a row has been named one of Europe’s best campsites.

Agriculture on Strandegård has been cultivated organically since 1999. At Strandegård, it is our opinion that organic farming is the best way to cultivate the land. We believe that ecology makes our agricultural products healthier and tastier. In addition, ecology contributes to a good working environment, organic farming provides minimal impact on nature, and last but not least, the ecology ensures that our breeding animals have good living conditions.

A large part of Strandegård’s area consists of nature areas that are not cultivated. Many of these areas are found on Feddet, a nearly 5 km long peninsula, which borders Præstø Fjord towards Fakse Bay. Feddet is characterized by a distinctive nature, reminiscent of a small piece of West Jutland with pine forest, heath and salt marshes.

At Strandegård and Feddet we produce blueberries, apples, pears, beef and lamb as well as grain and seeds. All organic and of high quality. Our beef and lamb production is recommended by Animal Protection. The forestry at Strandegård is PEFC certified, which ensures sustainable forestry with great regard for natural values.

We look forward to welcoming you to our world.

Feddet Strand Resort is located in South Coast Denmark next to Faxe Bay, where you can get lots of experiences, both on Feddet Strand itself and outside the place. I therefore send with this video a personal greeting to all guests at Feddet Strand, and to all of you who will soon be visiting Feddet Strand Resort.

I hope you and the family have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday at Feddet.

With the desire for a good stay

The best greetings
Kasper Kristensen
Adm. chief
Feddet Beach Resort.

Skrift i sandet

Our mission

At Feddet Strand Resort we offer luxurious and comfortable holiday experiences close to nature. Whether you stay in one of our pemium cabins or holiday homes, whether you come in your own caravan or tent or perhaps hold a meeting or conference with us – you will find that nature is close.

We ourselves love the nature that surrounds us on all sides, we believe that we humans need breaks, community, lots of fresh air and new experiences, to be in balance in an often too busy everyday life. Here, the nature experience plays a big role. Out in the fresh air, we can slow down and be closer together, recharging our batteries.

You will find that the area around Feddet Strand Resort offers wonderful experiences all year round. Depending on the season, the sky may be filled with geese and cranes loudly “talking” to each other on their way north or south. You might see the white-tailed eagle soaring over the salt marshes – or meet our calm free-ranging cows and horses who care for the heath and ensure that rare plants, bees and butterflies have the very best conditions to be able to survive and develop.

Climate and environment

At Feddet Strand Resort, our goal is to provide luxury and high comfort to many guests all year round. Our energy and resource consumption is therefore high and increasing as the Danish tourist season has become longer. But we are proud to say that around 95% of our energy consumption comes from climate-neutral energy sources, such as biomass, solar, wind. In addition, we are working to promote biodiversity at Feddet, reduce our waste and fight food waste from our shops and restaurants.

You can help us take care of the environment by saving water, light and heat – and by helping us sort your waste correctly when you drop it off at our waste and recycling center.

We work with ESG

At Feddet Strand Resort, we are committed to conducting our business in a way that not only furthers our financial goals, but also takes into account our environmental, social and governance commitments. We believe in contributing positively to society and the environment while delivering a memorable guest experience.

Environmental awareness is a central part of our business practices here at Feddet Strand Resort. We recognize the urgent need to protect our natural resources and reduce our environmental impact. That’s why we have implemented a number of initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce waste and promote recycling.

Our social responsibility extends beyond our business and into the communities we are part of. We value our connections with local organizations and work to promote job and education opportunities for young people. We want our resort to be a place where everyone feels welcome, which is why our employees have different nationalities and backgrounds, creating a diverse and enriching work culture.

We are also committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and ethical practices. Through effective governance and transparency in our operations, we ensure that our stakeholders can have confidence in our business ethics and integrity.

At Feddet Strand Resort, our work with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is an integral part of our company DNA.