Danmarks Borgcenter

Denmark's Borgcenter is full of history

Should your vacation be more than just hustle and bustle? There are an incredible number of nature experiences and historical sights near our beautiful campsite. One of them is Danmarks Borgcenter. Here you can travel back in time and learn more about the Danish kings, wars, prisoners and much more. And no, it’s not one of those boring museums. The whole experience is digital and interactive, and the children are allowed to use all their senses. There are definitely many fun and educational hours for the whole family at Danmarks Borgcenter!


Danmarks Borgcenter Vordingborg
Castle ruins 1
4760 Vordingborg

Distance from Feddet:

30 km
Danmarks Borgcenter

Learn about the Middle Ages at Danmarks Borgcenter

The experience at Danmarks Borgcenter consists of two central parts. It is the Medieval Castle, also called King Valdemar’s great royal castle and the Goose Tower.

The center itself is built on the ruin of the old castle. The center is underground and offers mood music, artistic installations and modern technology. You really get the feeling of being at an old medieval castle. Maybe you even see one of the old ghosts that houses the castle?

If you move outside you can spot the Goose Tower. This is definitely worth a visit too. It was here that prisoners were imprisoned in the old days.

All about the ancient castles, kings and power

Danmarks Borgcenter is a digital experience center. But what can you experience here? Several kings have ruled Denmark from this castle. That was before the power moved into Copenhagen. You can therefore learn much more about the role of the castle, as a piece in a game of power and several wars.

It is also fun for the kids, as there are digital Ipad guides that they can use themselves. These invite to many fun games and activities for children. Like chasing spooky ghosts at the castle or learning more about the mystery of Dannebrog. It certainly will not be boring!

After the ghosts are captured and you know everything about the old kings, you can relax and enjoy a cozy meal in Restaurant Atterdag.

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