Holiday with lots of water games

Camping with indoor water park and pool

Pool & Spa

No holiday without pool and indoor water park. When you choose Feddet Strand Resort, you get in a child-friendly campsite with a top-class water park. We have a beautiful indoor water park with fun activities for children and adults. Children’s pool, fountains, play equipment and much more. Heated and outdoor hot tub and panoramic sauna. There are many cozy and fun hours for the whole family.

Do you dream of camping with a pool and indoor water park? Read much more about our wonderful facilities and book this year’s summer holiday, autumn holiday, winter holiday or just a cozy weekend trip at Feddet Strand Resort. You can also visit our pool and water park on Zealand, even if you do not spend the night on the site. Everyone is welcome at Feddet Strand Resort!

NOTE: Every day from 8.00 – 10.00 the pool is reserved for adult swimming for everyone over 16 years.

Choose the activity package and get free access

We would like to try more activities every day, we recommend that you purchase an activity package for your stay, to get free and unlimited access to e.g. this activity.

If your family loves lots of activities, we recommend that you purchase our activity package for your stay.

With the activity package you get rid of the clip card and get unlimited access to:

  • Indoor pool / water park
  • AdventureGolf
  • And of course all other activities that are already free.

Important: The activity package is personal and only applies to the people who buy the package and may not be lent or transferred to others. Violation of this will result in immediate closure of the card without refund.

The activity package is ordered online or on arrival, and costs only 50 DKK. pr. days, per. pers. and can only be purchased for the full number of people as well as for the entire holiday stay.

Pool & Spa

5-star campsite with water park

We are a 5-star campsite and holiday resort. Therefore, we of course offer camping with water park, pool, spa and sauna. Our campsite with indoor water park is decorated with fun experiences and cool details – for the whole family!

The children’s pool is super fun for the little ones. The pool has a depth of 0-40cm and the pool itself is 10 × 11 m. Our adult pool is ideal for mom and dad and the older kids who have a little more swimming training. The pool has a water depth of 1.4m and is 10 × 25 m. The water park is decorated with fountains and water fountains, and there is plenty of space to frolic.

Our campsite with indoor pool also offers spa experiences for children and adults. After many fun hours you can be warmed up well in the delicious panoramic sauna. All year round you can go outdoors and enjoy the heated spa.

Cozy camping with pool for children and adults

Our campsite with pool is super cozy. You can stay in either cabins, holiday homes or your own caravan. No matter what you choose, our water park is never far away. Our campsites with water park can be booked all year round. It is especially a popular experience during the fall or winter holidays when the weather is dull and gray. The children can explore the water park, which invites to diving trips and prisoner games as well as relaxation or ‘cold shivers’ in the outdoor showers.

Camping with water park in a class of its own

Do you book your campsites with indoor water park at Feddet Strand Resort? Then a holiday or weekend full of fun moments is planned. You can buy cut cards / bracelets and pay for your visit to the water park with these cuts. We welcome you as often as you like. The water park is open all year round and always heated to 29 degrees in the pool and 38 degrees in the spa. All weather at Feddet is bathing weather!

Camping water park that gives you unforgettable experiences

We offer many experiences for the whole family. Including camping with water park. It is an activity for the whole family. You can spend a lot of hours and you will never get bored. End the long day in the water park with a trip to the sauna, and return to your cabin or caravan for family fun and relaxation. So you are ready to take over the water park again the next day!

Holiday camping with water park Zealand? Feddet Strand Resort offers a delicious campsite with many wonderful facilities and experiences. Our large indoor water park is one of them.



For guests staying at the campsite:
Access to pool and spa per. pers .: 4 clips
Access per pers. 60, – DKK. (without clip card)

For guests who do NOT stay at the campsite:
Access to pool and spa per. pers .: 6 clips
Between pr. pers. 80, – DKK. (without clip card)

Access must be purchased during the information’s opening hours.

Buy clips for experiences and comfort

At Feddet Strand Resort, the use of pool and spa, use of family rooms, Adventure Golf and paddle tennis are settled with clips that are inserted on a credit card or on a bracelet that is purchased in the information.

Clips are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. Unused clips are not refundable.

10 clips 120,- DKK
20 clips 200,- DKK
50 clips 400,- DKK
100 clips 700,- DKK
400 clips 1400,- DKK

When buying a bundle of clips, you can buy extra clips for DKK 15. per clip.



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