Exciting exhibitions for adults and children

Glyptoteket København is a very special place. The attraction offers interesting experiences for young and old. You can experience everything from Danish art to French masterpieces and gain insight into ancient Egypt. Or what about some whimsical Roman statues? The Glyptoteket is wide-ranging and is a place where you can learn a lot about Danish and world history through beautiful paintings, sculptures and objects.

Do you dream of visiting exciting attractions in Copenhagen such as. The Glyptothek? Then Feddet Strand Resort is an obvious place to stay overnight. You get the absolutely fantastic holiday atmosphere with beach, nature and fun activities, while you are only 1 hour drive from the vibrant capital. So it does not get better. Stay in a holiday home, cabin, glamping tent or own caravan – we guarantee an absolutely fantastic holiday!


Dante’s Square 7
1556 Copenhagen

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88 km
Glyptoteket i København

What is Glyptoteket? And what can you experience?

The Glyptoteket exhibitions offer a bit of everything. You can travel around the world – a few hundred years back as well as several thousand years back. Discover beautiful Danish and French sculptures and look at archeological finds from the ancient Mediterranean area. There are always new and exciting exhibitions at the Glyptoteket – you can follow the calendar on their website.

The Glyptotek’s garden is also an experience in itself. Here you can admire the fine edifice from the outside. Discover beautiful flowers and look at fine sculptures. It is really nice to go here on a beautiful summer day.

There are also experiences for children. It is e.g. the fun audio guide that puts sound into the experiences for children aged 5-10 years. In fact, it is also allowed to play at the Glyptoteket. Let the kids try The Big Find List or one of the other fun Glypto games. That way, they learn something about history and art while getting a fun experience out of it.

Do you want to be sure not to miss anything? Then take a guided tour. Where you will be shown around the various exhibitions and get lots of knowledge along the way.

Café and shop can also be found at Glyptoteket. When you want to relax for a while or round off your visit in style. Enjoy a delicious lunch or a wonderful afternoon cake. Find exciting books in the store so you can take a piece of history home.

New Carlsberg Glyptotek in the center of Copenhagen

Glyptoteket is located in Copenhagen only approx. 1 hour drive from Feddet Strand Resort. Our accommodation options are therefore obvious for the weekend trip or holiday, where there must also be room for cozy day trips with the family – e.g. to the capital and its many exciting attractions.

Visit the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen and spend the night at Feddet Strand Resort

After a successful visit, you can enjoy the rest of the day with shopping, café trips or other exciting experiences in Copenhagen. When you are ready for it, there is only a short driving distance left to your luxurious accommodation in scenic surroundings. Feddet Strand Resort offers not only wonderful accommodation, but also a wealth of activities for adults and children of all ages. Have fun in the water park or relax in the wellness. Take a trip to the gym or send the kids to the playground.

Book this year’s holiday at Feddet Strand Resort – and plan your day trip to Copenhagen with an educational and exciting visit to the Glyptoteket!

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Huge indoor water park with both outdoor jacuzzi and sauna.

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Direct access to child-friendly white sand beach with water activities.

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Magnificent nature area ready to be explored.


Lots of kid-friendly and fun activities for the whole family.

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