Pick organic apples yourself

- at Feddet and Strandegård

Self-picking of organic apples

Seasonal activity from August to October

From the end and August and onwards, Feddet’s organic apple orchard is filled with aromatic and sweet apples ready for self-picking. Aroma, Ingrid Marie and Elshof are just some of the lovely apple varieties you can find in the plantation. Come and pick and bring home the wonderful taste and aroma of late summers.

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Vi elsker æbler



Self-picking in the plantation is based on self-service. You can choose two sizes of boxes, a small box which can be filled with approx. 5 kg of apples and a large box which can be filled with approx. 18 kg of apples. You can also pick in your own box or bag.

The prices are DKK 60 for a small box and DKK 250 for a large box, respectively. You will find the boxes in the shelter by the plantation. If you bring your own box, the apples cost DKK 12 kg. There is weight in the shelter.

Payment is exclusively via mobilepay no. 182047. The number is also on the shelter by the plantation. The plantation is located at St. Elmuevej 2, 4640 Faxe, Look for the “apple” sign by the road. There is free parking at the plantation.

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