Day visit to the Feddet peninsula

Here you will find everything about nature experiences on the peninsula Feddet and Strandegård during day visits

Blueberry self-picking

Blåbær på Feddet Strand Resort
Pluk selv blåbær

Blueberry self-picking is open daily in October

In October, the blueberry plantation is open every day from 9-18.

Only 4 kg can be picked. buckets which are bought in the campsite’s information against payment of DKK 110 per. bucket.

If you are a regular customer and bring your own official white “picking bucket”, you only have to pay DKK 100 for 4 kg.

We have lowered the price because the shelf life is shorter at this time of year – on the other hand, the berries are ripe and very tasty. Taste yourself when you pick – there are five different species to choose from in the plantation.

Once you have paid in the information, there is free access to the plantation. A note is handed out which explains in more detail about access to the plantation and where the ripe berries are. It is possible to drive to the plantation by car, where there is free parking. Follow the signs from the campsite.

On weekdays, the information closes at 18.00 so please be in good time. The address is: Feddet 12, DK 4640 Faxe. Tel +45 5672 5206 or +45 4034 5601

Apple self-picking

Pluk selv økologiske æbler på Feddet

We are open for self-picking of organic apples at Strandegård – read more at www.strandegå

Previous news from Feddet

A quality hike on the Feddet

The Danish Hiking Association has certified a quality hike on Feddet.

The quality trail follows local trails through the area. It passes the beautiful beach out to Faxe bay, through the beautiful and varied nature on the southern and western part of the Feddet. Read more at this link .

Vi elsker Feddet Strand Resort
På vej til straden

About Feddet

Feddet is a scenic peninsula that separates Faxe Bay and Præstø Fjord. At Feddet you can enjoy kilometers of bathing beach, walking, cycling or jogging along beautiful nature trails in the woods and on the heath. In the season from July to late September, one can pick organic blueberries and other fruits. On the northern part of the peninsula is the 5 star campsite Feddet Strand Resort. Here it is possible to park for a fee for the day. The southern part of the fjord with extensive beach meadows is an important resting area for migratory birds. Feddet is part of Strandegård Gods by Faxe. Read more about Strandegård at this link .

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Whatever the season, Feddet offers a varied and scenic hike!

Jens and Ditte Nystrøm

Feddet 12, DK 4640 Faxe