The National Museum

- go on a journey in Danish history

The National Museum in Copenhagen

The holiday must offer more than just relaxation. There must also be room for educational and fun experiences. Many enjoy learning more about Denmark’s past. There is plenty of opportunity for this at the National Museum Copenhagen. It is both an exciting and fun experience for the whole family. Here you can e.g. dive into the Danish Middle Ages or discover the generous collection of coins and medals.

Visit the National Museum and spend the night at Feddet Strand Resort. Our beautiful place is only approx. 1 hour drive from Copenhagen. It does not get any easier. You can easily take a wonderful day trip to Copenhagen and spend time at the eventful museum.


The National Museum
New Vestergade 10
1471 Copenhagen K

Distance from Feddet:

88 km
Shop og café på Nationalmuseet

Museums and castles throughout Denmark

The National Museum not only offers the fantastic museum in Copenhagen. They actually have more than 20 experiences across the country. There are both castles and museums. In the capital you will find e.g. also:

  • Christiansborg Castle
  • The War Museum
  • The Freedom Museum
  • The Music Museum
  • The Lapidarium of the Kings
  • Klunkehjemmet
  • The ships

If you go on a day trip to Copenhagen, there are actually a wealth of experiences for the whole family. When you have finished at the National Museum, you can pass Christiansborg Castle and get royal feelings. Or look past the unique wooden ships at Nyhavn. There are many opportunities to create a complete day with unique experiences. Each one gives you a better insight into Danish history, whether it is about music, wars or the royals.

You can read much more about the National Museum and the other attractions in Copenhagen and in the rest of Denmark at

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