Cold War Museum

Experience the Cold War Museum Stevnsfortet

It is a story that you will no doubt experience. Stevnsfortet is a Cold War museum located only approx. 30 min. drive from Feddet Strand Resort. Here you get a story that you may not even know about! The facilities that form the framework for this museum were in fact part of Denmark’s and NATO’s defense during the Cold War. When you visit the underground fort, you really get a sense of what it would mean to live during the 40-year Cold War. Always ready for war, around the clock!


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Afstand fra Feddet:

33 km

Stevnsfortet offers a special story

Maybe you’ve had enough of a water park? And the playground has also been well visited every day. It’s time for a new framework. Fortunately, our beautiful campsite is located close to an incredible number of exciting, historical and cultural sights. Cold War Museum Stevnsfortet is one of them.

The Cold War Museum Stevnsfortet offers many experiences for the whole family. You can go on a guided tour of the underground fort – 18 meters underground and 1.7 km long corridors. It’s ready to go astray! But luckily you have one of the center’s skilled and dedicated guides with you. The trip lasts 1.5 hours and is without a doubt one of the most authentic ways to experience the Cold War.

At the museum itself, there is also a lot of history to absorb. There are always new and exciting exhibitions and activities. The museum therefore offers everything from exciting knowledge about espionage and exhibition of military vehicles to escape rooms and much more.

Learn all about the Cold War

At the Cold War Museum Stevnsfortet you can really learn everything you want to know about the Cold War. It is a fun and educational place for the whole family. Where you can acquire knowledge through fun activities, tours and exhibitions. The setting is without a doubt authentic. And one thing is for sure, you are leaving the place with some unforgettable memories and incredibly much richer in knowledge of the past!

Also visit Stevns klint when you visit Stevnsfortet. Read more here.

Visit Stevnsfortet and spend the night at Feddet Strand Resort

Tropical water park, close to the beach and scenic surroundings. The holiday life at Feddet is wonderful. But the holiday must also offer something other than a buzz. That is why you are so lucky that when you holiday at Feddet Strand Resort, there is a short distance to many experiences. Do you dream of filling your holiday with new knowledge and gaining an authentic insight into the Cold War? Then Stevnsfortet is definitely worth a visit!

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