Winter holiday in Denmark

Save 20% during the winter holidays and get free Pool & Spa and AdventureGolf on top.

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Christmas or New Year's stay on Zealand

The winter holidays are a nice respite in the middle of an often busy everyday life – and many families write winter holidays week 7 or 8 in the calendar. Are you planning a winter holiday? So remember to write Feddet Strand in the calendar, and take the family on an all-time holiday with lots of activities during the winter holidays.

What to do at Feddet in the winter?

Here are a few examples:

  • Enjoy Feddet’s unique nature and go for a walk on the beach or around the peninsula, where you can visit i.a. the bird tower.
  • Let the children play in our indoor playland Fun & Play or on one of our many playgrounds, jungle trail or online course.
  • Visit our indoor pool.
  • Treat the whole family to a delicious dinner in Restaurant Feddet
  • Take a game of mini golf on our great AdventureGolf course.
  • Grab a paddle tennis match in the new arena.
  • Participate in one of the many activities from the activity program
  • Work out in the gym while the kids enjoy themselves in the GameHouse.

Winter holiday offer at Feddet

Save 20% + free access to Pool & Spa and mini golf

Here are both offers for you who come in your own caravan or motorhome and offers for you who want to live in a holiday cabin or mobile home . The offer is valid in weeks 7 and 8.

Current prices can be found in our online booking here . Use the discount code: WINTER2024 to get the discount. The code is entered in the last step of the booking after you have entered your name and address.

Note: Limited number of places.

We have introduced dynamic prices, which change according to demand. If you want the stay at the lowest price, we recommend you book as early as possible.

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SAVE 20%
free Pool & Spa and Mini Golf

Use the discount code: WINTER2024

Terms of the offer:

  • Valid when booking in weeks 7 and 8.
  • Valid for a minimum of 3 consecutive nights
  • Applies to stays in your own caravan or motorhome
  • Applies to stays in cabins and mobile homes.
  • There is no discount on final cleaning in rental units and consumption of electricity
  • No discount is given on additional services such as linen packages, restaurant, BonBon-Land tickets, etc.
Use the discount code: WINTER2024 to get the discount. The code is entered in the last step of the booking after you have entered your name and address.

Have an eventful winter holiday in Denmark

Brrrr … It’s cold outside …

The Danish winter is often cold and snowy. But a winter holiday in Denmark can also be rich in togetherness, cosiness, wellness, fun activities and unforgettable experiences. At Feddet Strand Resort you can book a winter holiday offer incl. free pool and mini golf on Zealand in a luxury cabin, holiday home or in your own caravan. All our packages include access to our large indoor pool / water park.

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Book a cheap winter holiday in Denmark

For many, winter vacation means an expensive skiing vacation to the south. But an at least as cozy, and much cheaper alternative, is a winter holiday in Denmark for the whole family. There are no slopes here, but then there is a whole lot of other fun activities. Our holiday area at Feddet has everything your heart desires. Adults can enjoy tranquility, relaxation and scenic surroundings. While the children (and the childish souls) can go out for fun and time-consuming activities both indoors and outdoors.

At Feddet Strand Resort you get an eventful winter holiday with unforgettable moments – we guarantee it!

Winter holiday activities at Feddet Strand Resort

When you go on a winter holiday stay at Feddet Strand Resort, you can find a wealth of exciting experiences and activities for the whole family. There is something for all ages and tempo.

As a familiy with children, you can frolic in the surroundings such as our indoor pool / water park, indoor playground and gamehouse. There is also plenty of opportunity to go for nice walks with the kids on the beach or in the woods. Do you need excitement? Then you can try a ride on a mountain bike through the beautiful nature of Feddet. In the evening, there is definitely room for family fun in your luxury cabin or holiday home. And who knows? Maybe the children are so tired that you can also have some quality time as parents.

If you are used to camping in the summer, why not do it during the winter holidays as well? As campers, there are also many opportunities at Feddet Strand Resort. You have access to the same free activities as the guests in holiday homes, and you also have access to bathrooms.

If you want a trip a little later in the year, we also have our unique Great Prayer Day holiday stay , as well as amazing and cheap stays during the Ascension holiday.

Life as a pensioner gives the opportunity to go on adventurous trips in the Danish country. And why not also do it during the winter holidays? You can have a relaxing holiday at Feddet Strand Resort in a luxury cabin that accommodates everything you need. The days can be spent in nature, on the beach or in our beautiful bathing facilities. And why shouldn’t the evening offer some great red wine in good company?

See 360 degree photos from Feddet

See the area, facilities, accommodation and the many activities in our popular virtual tour

What can you do at Feddet?

Pool & Spa

No holiday without pool and indoor water park. When you choose Feddet Strand Resort, you get in a child-friendly campsite with a top-class water park. We have a beautiful indoor water park with fun activities for children and adults. Children’s pool, fountains, play equipment and much more. Heated and outdoor hot tub and panoramic sauna. There are many cozy and fun hours for the whole family.

Indoor activity house

In the large indoor activity house Fun & Play, a true paradise for children awaits.

Here the kids can frolic with:

  • Large climbing and ball field
  • Air hockey
  • Pool
  • Playstations with kid-friendly games
  • Playstations with modern games for young people and adults
  • Children’s activities

In the activity house Fun & Play, the children will not be bored, as there is room for lots of play for all ages, making time fly.


Mini golf on our AdventureGolf course is a very popular family activity at Feddet Strand Resort. The 12 courses are fun, challenging in design and covered with artificial grass, which helps to give the course a “real golf feel”. There is also a small “putting green” to practice on before the game starts. Here you get ample opportunity to compete about the dishes or who goes up with garbage on holiday.

Playgrounds and Netland

The children will definitely not get bored at Feddet Strand Resort. Here are playgrounds of all sizes inside and out – bouncy castles – swings – Netland, jungle course and much more.

Around the holiday park you will find playgrounds for all ages. We have 10 different to choose from.

Try e.g. the large playground with several bouncy castles, swings, rocking animals and much more. Here you will also find our very popular football pitch, where football is often played, whether you are young or old.

If you are into speed, you have the opportunity to rent one of our many popular go-karts. Here are anything from 1 to 6 person go-karts.

Experience the nature & beach of Feddet

Do you love being out in nature? Or do you just need to get away from a busy day and from city life? When you go on holiday at Feddet, you can really have the very best nature holiday.

Our own Danish country offers very incredibly beautiful nature, which you do not just see in everyday life. Feddet Strand Resort is located in completely idyllic surroundings on Feddet in Faxe bay, which is one of the most beautiful places on Zealand.

The area contains both lots of beach and forest with historical landmarks, opportunities for beautiful views, stunning scenery and rich wildlife.

Enjoy a good dinner

When you visit Feddet Strand Resort you must also be able to eat well at a fair price. Therefore, in the middle of the square we have a fantastic restaurant with delicious dishes.

Restaurant Feddet is the place where everyone is welcome, you can sit down, relax, enjoy life and be serviced with a smile.

We also have many other good dining options at Feddet. Are you for a cozy dinner in the caravan, tent, cabin or holiday home, then we have delicious take away food in high quality. Try e.g. a round of pizza from PizzaBaren or some delicious burgers from BurgerBaren .

Accommodation options during the Christmas holidays at Feddet

You can stay at Feddet in many ways. See here what options there are.

Cabins & Mobilehomes

Go on an excursion during the Christmas holidays

Close to Feddet you will also find some of Denmark’s best and most popular sights, tourist attractions and family experiences.

Experience history and culture, music, theme parks, zoos and much, much more. The attractions are available in all extensions, so there is something for all age groups.

The many sights, attractions and experiences can be found within 10-100 km.

Please note that some of these excursions may be closed during the winter holidays.

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