The Open Air Museum

Frilandsmusset - an outdoor experience

The open-air museum part of the National Museum – is an experience for the whole family. It provides insight into “Old Denmark” and is a large outdoor museum. The museum is located north of Copenhagen by Kongevejen in Lyngby in North Zealand. It is only approx. 1 hour drive from Feddet Strand Resort. It is therefore an obvious attraction to visit on a day trip with the whole family. You will no doubt have some eventful hours – with animals, windmills, horse-drawn carriages and an insight into how people lived many years ago.

When you want to return to today’s Denmark, you can frolic at our large and luxurious campsite. We are a 5-star place with everything from wellness and water park to playground, fitness center, activities in nature, beach close by and much more.


The Open Air Museum
Kongevejen 100
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Afstand fra Feddet:

95 km

One of the world's largest and oldest museums

The Open-Air Museum is one of the world’s largest and oldest open-air museums with more than 100 buildings from all over the country. Here you can experience what peasant life was like and feel the authentic atmosphere when you walk around the scenic outdoor museum.

During the day there are several activities. It often happens on certain days, and you can stay updated on the museum’s website. The activities can be everything from dancing and wind turbine lectures to pleasant experiences during Christmas. There is also a rich wildlife at the Open Air Museum. The children can e.g. meet pigs, goats, chickens and sheep.

There are without a doubt experiences for all tastes and for the whole family when you visit the beautiful outdoor museum. You can also enjoy your lunch there. You can bring your own packed lunch and eat it in one of the beautiful picnic areas. The museum also has a restaurant.

Visit the Open Air Museum and spend the night at Feddet Strand Resort

Feddet Strand Resort is ideally located on Zealand. With approx. 1 hour drive from the capital, which offers a wealth of wonderful experiences. Just north of Copenhagen’s center you will find the exciting Open-Air Museum. It is a wonderful place for the whole family. You can spend the day outdoors in the good weather and feel what peasant life in Denmark was like several years ago.

It’s great to get some history and experience how things once were. But a vacation should also be filled with a little luxury. You can experience this at Feddet Strand Resort, where you can either spend the night in one of our luxurious cabins or beach villas – or in your own caravan.

Book the weekend trip or this year’s holiday at Feddet – and stay close to exciting attractions near Copenhagen!

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