Vallø Castle

Vallø Castle offers history and natural surroundings

For most people, the holiday should not just be about relaxation. It should also be filled with experiences that exude fun, history, culture and coziness for the whole family. When you spend the night at our 5-star campsite on Feddet, you are close to many exciting attractions. One of them is Vallø Castle. Here you get a visit with history for all the money. The castle’s history dates back to the 16th century and today offers a wealth of experiences. You can both visit the castle courtyard, experience the beautiful castle park and enjoy the natural surroundings. There are many pleasant hours planned with e.g. picnic or walks.


Vallø Castle
Slotsgade 8
4600 Køge

Distance from Feddet:

33 km
Vallø Slot

Visit the beautiful castle from the 16th century

The castle was built in the 16th century and has actually undergone a reconstruction after it burned down in 1893. Only the outer walls of the castle remained. Therefore, it took a full 10 years to rebuild the castle. The castle was once used as a residence for the enrolled diocesan ladies of Vallø diocese. The diocese was established back in 1737 by Queen Sophie Magdalena. Today, the diocese is behind everything from the popular Vallø Castle Eggs to issuing riding licenses, company events, hunting / fishing and much more.

The castle itself is incredibly beautiful. It and its beautiful castle park are a natural center of the local community. You can capture the castle from a distance while trotting the castle park thin. You can also move into the castle courtyard and get a better insight into the breathtaking edifice.

Vallø castle with a view of Køge bay

The red bricks and the green towers are seen from a long distance surrounded by green nature. A visit to Vallø Castle also offers beautiful nature and a beautiful view. The castle is located with a beautiful view over Køge bay.

Experience the beautiful castle park

The castle park at Vallø Castle is incredibly inviting. It is an obvious place to go when you want to enjoy the quiet natural surroundings. You can get a little away from the camping life and just relax completely to yourself. From the castle park, you can naturally trot further in through the area’s zoo.

Other excursion options

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