Faxe Kalkbrud (Limestone Quarry)

Faxe Kalkbrud - an educational and fun experience

Do you want nature and learning for all the money? East of Faxe town and only 15 minutes drive from Feddet Strand Resort finds in Faxe Kalkbrud. The place is ideal as a day trip on your holiday. You can go hunting for more than 63 million year old fossils in the limestone tomb. You can also take a long walk around this man-made excavation, which without a doubt offers a view you have never seen before!


Faxe Kalkbrud (Limestone Quarry)
Østervej 2b
4640 Faxe

Distance from Feddet:

13 km
Fossiljagt ved Faxe Kalkbrud

Faxe Limestone Quarry - A 63 million year old sea

The limestone quarry in Faxe is Denmark’s largest man-made excavation. It is therefore a whole unique experience to visit it. The limestone quarry was excavated in the middle of the 19th century and since then an incredible number of quarries have worked there. The landscape here is incredibly beautiful, and you can easily spend many hours exploring and admiring nature. This is definitely something you do not see every day!

At the bottom of the limestone quarry you step on the bottom of a 63 million year old sea, where sharks, octopuses and crocodiles swam at the time. It’s almost unimaginable! Many of the animals and organisms that lived then are now found in fossilized versions, such as fossils. Then put on your hat and bring a hammer – then you and the children can become archaeologists or quarries for a day!

Find ancient fossils in the limestone quarry

You may not find an entire dinosaur, but the limestone pit itself is full of other exciting, small fossils. It’s everything from sea urchins and shark teeth to corals and seashells. Inside Geomuseum Faxe you can rent a hammer and chisel to go hunting with. It is a super fun experience for you with children who can let go of the reins of the kids a bit and let them go exploring on their own in the limestone pit.

Remember to wear shoes with solid soles! And also bring the sunscreen in the summer, as the sun is shining brightly over the limestone pit.

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