Senior camping 55+ at Feddet

Have a holiday outside the high season and go camping at Feddet Strand Resort

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A great offer for you who are over 55+

At Feddet Strand Resort, we call our guests, who are 55+ years old, seniors. This is solely because we want to make a unique offer that only caters to guests over 55 years of age. See more about our good offers for seniors in our offer below.

Quiet and scenic surroundings

Senior camping at Feddet is for those who enjoy life. If the children have moved away from home and do you love quiet and scenic surroundings, then Feddet Strand Resort is an obvious choice! Feddet Strand Resort is located, with its location by Faxe Bay, in one of Zealand’s most beautiful areas. The area invites to pleasant walks and can also boast of having one of Zealand’s best beaches.

Modern, neat and clean service buildings

When you go camping, the facilities must be in order. That is why we care so much that our service buildings always appear neat and clean. In the kitchens there is a dining area and it is always possible to have a chat with some of your fellow campers.

Cultural experiences

The geographical location of the site also provides ample opportunity for several different cultural experiences – and with approximately an hour’s drive to Copenhagen, the options are infinite. Or how about a trip to Møns Klint where you can experience unique nature.

Adult swimming and wellness

Every morning we have reserved the large indoor pool for adult swimming, so you can enjoy a fresh morning dip without a crowded pool. At the same time you can also use our outdoor wellness department where you will find a 38 degree hot spa and a panoramic sauna. See prices and more about our indoor pool and wellness here .

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Senior offer 55+ camping

The offer is valid in all periods except school holidays, as well as public holidays. However, the offer can be used in the Great Prayer day holiday, Winter holiday and between Christmas / New Year.

Valid for the following periods:

February 19 – March 21, 2024
April 4 – April 25, 2024
April 29 – May 5, 2024
May 13 – May 16, 2024
May 20 – June 20, 2024
August 26 – October 10, 2024
October 20 – December 19, 2024

3 nights

Price incl. 2 pers.
DKK 650,- Incl. electricity
  • Camping In your own caravan, tent or motorhome
  • Shower, hot water in kitchen, as well as many of our activities included in the price.
  • 1 extra day 225,- DKK
  • Invite your grandchild for only 120,- DKK. per day. (Applies to children from 6 months - 11 years)

5 nights

Price incl. 2 pers.
DKK 995,- Incl. electricity
  • Camping In your own caravan, tent or motorhome
  • Shower, hot water in kitchen, as well as many of our activities included in the price.
  • 1 extra day 225,- DKK
  • Invite your grandchild for only 120,- DKK. per day. (Applies to children from 6 months - 11 years)

7 nights

Price incl. 2 pers.
DKK 1395,- Incl. electricity
  • Camping In your own caravan, tent or motorhome
  • Shower, hot water in kitchen, as well as many of our activities included in the price.
  • 1 extra day 225,- DKK
  • Invite your grandchild for only 120,- DKK. per day. (Applies to children from 6 months - 11 years)

10 nights

Price incl. 2 pers.
DKK 1695,- Incl. electricity
  • Camping In your own caravan, tent or motorhome
  • Shower, hot water in kitchen, as well as many of our activities included in the price.
  • 1 extra day 225,- DKK
  • Invite your grandchild for only 120,- DKK. per day. (Applies to children from 6 months - 11 years)

Relaxing adult holiday in pleasant surroundings

Camping is for everyone. As a couple or together with good friends, you can get away from everyday slog and have some quality time together. Feddet Strand Resort offers modern and beautiful facilities and extremely idyllic surroundings near forest and beach. We have created the perfect setting for a cozy weekend trip or a few weeks of summer vacation.

You can relax in our wellness, go for walks on the beach or visit the nearby capital for cultural experiences. Or just enjoy the good weather, each other’s company and good moments with other fellow campers.

Senior camping with many experiences

Camping in Denmark is a good alternative to the holiday in the south. It is obvious if you want it to be easy to get away for a few relaxing days. Feddet Strand Resort is ideal for seniors who enjoy camping and who love nature, well-being and relaxation. A holiday for adult couples in our beautiful holiday park is perfect for both those who want peace, cosiness and luxury, but also for those couples who want to be active.

Our luxurious holiday park is anything but primitive. All facilities are nice and modern and you always get a lot for your money when you book a stay with us. For seniors 55+ we have a wealth of great deals and packages. You can e.g. choose 3, 5, 7 or 10 nights. Shower and a wealth of activities are always included in our packages. And if you have the children on holiday this year, you can take the little ones with you from about 100,- DKK per day per child aged 6 months to 11 years.

Here you can go on a luxurious holiday without children

Do you dream of an adult holiday where well-being is paramount? When you want relaxation, you can enjoy activities such as luxurious wellness, morning fresh adult swimming or exercise a bit in our modern fitness room. You can also take a cozy day with cultural experiences in the capital, which is only a short hour from our campsite.

When you get enough of the big city, there is nothing better than returning to the tranquility and scenic surroundings of Feddet. Are you mostly for an adult holiday in scenic surroundings? Then we also have one of Denmark’s best beaches, which is only a few meters from the holiday park. You can also enjoy walks in the woods or how about a fishing trip from the cozy harbor on Feddet?

Book your adult holiday with wonderful experiences today!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a holiday where the children can go, we of course also have plenty of options. Are you single, we have i.a. our single camping with children which lets you make new and exciting acquaintances

Senior camping in top class

Do you dream of nice camping as a couple or with other adult friends?

Feddet Strand Resort has something for everyone and is therefore also the obvious place for senior camping. Our luxurious and 5-star campsite offers good facilities, several accommodation options, many activities and best of all an incredibly beautiful nature and beach very close.

You get pensioner camping with renewed zest for life in some really cozy surroundings. Start the day with a fresh dip in the waves. Enjoy the sun from the good seating outside the caravan. Go for a long walk. Or enjoy life with a relaxing visit to wellness. When you camp with us, the day can look just the way you want it.

Luxurious senior camping on Zealand

Although camping is a more primitive form of vacation, it can be luxurious at times. We have taken care of all your needs at Feddet Strand Resort. The place is everything else a primitive. Our service buildings are state-of-the-art and give you the opportunity for hot showers, use of kitchen and dishwasher as well as pleasant conversations with the other campers on the site.

You always get a good senior camping offer with us. Book either 3, 5, 7 or 10 nights, and get a good price. You can also take the grandchild with you.

Senior camping near Copenhagen with many tourist sights

Should something happen during the day? Our campsite is located only 1 hour drive from Copenhagen. You thus have ample opportunity to take a pleasant excursion and experience all that the big city has to offer. In addition, you will also find many exciting sights around the square. To mention are: Faxe quarry, Denmark’s castle center and Kalvehave Labyrinth-park.

Camping 55 plus with many activities

Camping 55+ must be full of cosiness, relaxation and good activities. Camping life is a break from everyday life, and therefore something exciting must also happen. Fortunately for you, we have many good activities at Feddet. You can enjoy life in our wellness or work out in the large gym. Nature also offers activities – walks on the beach, hiking on Feddet, cycling or fishing. You will also find two golf clubs – only 15 km and 23 km from the site.

Camping 55 plus in quiet surroundings

Camping 55+ at Feddet Strand Resort offers peace and quiet for every budget. The campsite is located away from the noise of the city. Right down to the beach and with amazing natural surroundings all around. We have the perfect place when you want to escape from everyday life and enjoy retirement in peace and quiet.

Holidays for adults with romance

Romantic holidays for adult couples are ideal at Feddet Strand Resort. You can take the caravan with you or choose to spend the night in one of our many luxurious cabins. Here you can enjoy time for yourself, drink a good glass of red wine and cook for yourself. You can also go for late moonlight walks on the beach, enjoy good food in our restaurant or relax in the wellness area.

Adult holiday close to the beach

A good adult holiday should offer peace, cosiness and activities. We have it all for your relaxing adult holiday, whether you are 50 or 65 – there is something for everyones taste and activity level. One of Denmark’s best beaches is especially our large attractions. Here you can enjoy that from bathing in the waves to an evening walk in the glow of the sunset.

See 360 degree photos from Feddet

See the area, facilities, accommodation and the many activities in our popular virtual tour

What can you do at Feddet?

Take to the beach

Feddet Strand is one of South Zealand’s best and most popular bathing beaches. It stretches several kilometers along Feddet. With its shallow water, Feddet beach is a beautiful child-friendly beach with lots of lovely white sand to build beautiful sand castles in and unleash your imagination and creativity.

In addition, the beach offers lots of activities in the summer, horse riding along the beach, beach volleyball, fun in our large beach tent as well as free play and fun on our jumping and obstacle courses, which is located out in the water.

See more about the beach here

Indoor activity house

If you have grandchildren with you, the large indoor activity center PlayZone is a sure hit.

Here the kids can frolic with:

  • Large climbing and ball field
  • Air hockey
  • Pool
  • Playstations with kid-friendly games
  • Playstations with modern games for young people and adults
  • Children’s activities

In the PlayZone activity center, children won’t get bored, as there’s plenty of room for all ages to play while time flies by.

See more on PlayZone here

Pool & Spa

No holiday without pool and indoor water park. When you choose Feddet Strand Resort, you get in a child-friendly campsite with a top-class water park. We have a beautiful indoor water park with fun activities for children and adults. Children’s pool, fountains, play equipment and much more. Heated and outdoor hot tub and panoramic sauna. There are many cozy and fun hours for the whole family.

See more about Pool & Spa here

Experience the nature of Feddet

Do you love being out in nature? Or do you just need to get away from a busy day and from city life? When you go on holiday at Feddet, you can really have the very best nature holiday.

Our own Danish country offers very incredibly beautiful nature, which you do not just see in everyday life. Feddet Strand Resort is located in completely idyllic surroundings on Feddet in Faxe bay, which is one of the most beautiful places on Zealand.

The area contains both lots of beach and forest with historical landmarks, opportunities for beautiful views, stunning scenery and rich wildlife.

Mini golf

Mini golf is a very popular family activity at Feddet Strand Resort. The 12 courses are fun, challenging in design and covered with artificial grass, which helps to give the course a “real golf feel”. There is also a small “putting green” to practice on before the game starts. Here you get ample opportunity to compete about the dishes or who goes up with garbage on holiday.

Find out more about mini golf here

Enjoy a good dinner

When you visit Feddet Strand Resort you must also be able to eat well at a fair price. Therefore, in the middle of the square we have a fantastic restaurant with delicious dishes.

Restaurant Feddet is the place where everyone is welcome, you can sit down, relax, enjoy life and be serviced with a smile.

We also have many other good dining options at Feddet. Are you for a cozy dinner in the caravan, tent, cabin or holiday home, then we have delicious take away food in high quality. Try e.g. a round of pizza from PizzaBaren or some delicious burgers from BurgerBaren .

Go on an excursion

Close to Feddet you will also find some of Denmark’s best and most popular sights, tourist attractions and family experiences.

Experience history and culture, music, theme parks, zoos and much, much more. The attractions are available in all extensions, so there is something for all age groups.

The many sights, attractions and experiences can be found within 10-100 km.

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