Rønnebæksholm Manor

Rønnebæksholm offers a little of everything!

Art workshop. Children’s workshop. Nature playground. Café and bookstore. Guided tours. Summer concerts. Hiking. Rønnebæksholm offers a bit of everything. The manor house in the scenic surroundings is therefore an obvious place to visit when you want to experience new art, enjoy nature or just spend a nice day together. There are only 30 min. drive from Feddet Strand Resort to Rønnebæksholm. The place is therefore well visited by many of our guests. Here you can get experiences for all tastes – whether you are for art, nature or just a nice day with the family!


Rønnebæksholm Castle
Rønnebæksholm 1
4700 Næstved

Distance from Feddet:

26 km
Rønnebæksholm Gods

Experience Rønnebæksholm Cultural Center

Manor, but also cultural center. That is what Rønnebæksholm is. The place offers not only beautiful buildings and surroundings, but also a wealth of activities. For the whole family, mind you.

Do your children draw at the level of Picasso? Or maybe just really good, if you have to say it yourself? Then they will definitely have many fun hours at the cozy children’s workshop on Rønnebæksholm. In summer, the place also invites to outdoor experiences on the fun nature playground.

Herregårdshaven also offers many pleasant hours. Here you can enjoy good walks, eat a delicious packed lunch or go exploring in the park’s kitchen garden, look at beautiful flowers or just laze on the grass.

When you have had experiences for all the money, you can relax and enjoy a refreshment in the café. Maybe a trip to the Bookstore? Here you can buy exciting reading about the place’s history and its current art exhibitions.

Always unique art exhibitions

Are you art lovers yourself? Then it is obvious to take on one of the place’s summer tours. Here you get rich insight into the art of the manor – both the current indoor exhibitions as well as the exciting art in the surrounding park. There are always completely unique experiences to pick up at Rønnebæksholm! An obvious attraction for the art lover as well as the nature lover.

Other excursion options

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