Knuthenborg Safari Park

- an experience for the whole family

Visit Northern Europe's largest zoo

Do you want to combine your camping holiday with sights in a class of their own? Only one hour drive from Feddet Strand Resort, you can find Northern Europe’s largest zoo, Knuthenborg Safari Park. Here you can experience exotic animals, in a way you have probably never tried before. You can drive around in your own car among the wild animals. In addition, you can also experience much of the park on foot – but only among the harmless animals. The park is a full 400 ha in size. Here you can therefore spend many good hours and experience close to 70 animal species.


Knuthenborg Safari Park
Knuthenborg Alle 1
4930 Maribo

Distance from Feddet:

81 km
Knuthenborg Safaripark

Get wild experiences in Kunthenborg Safari Park

The safari park at Maribo offers a wealth of experiences in the animal kingdom. The park houses animals from all over the world. Experience the llama from South America, the Siberian tiger from Asia, zebras, giraffes and wildebeest from Africa as well as Arctic wolves from North America – and many more. The experience is something completely different from a regular trip to the zoo, as you get much closer to the animals in beautiful natural surroundings. There is also an area with “pet animals” from around the world, where the little ones can be allowed to experience the animals up close.

The safari park also offers experiences other than the animals. You can, among other things, try Denmark’s tallest water slide and an 8 m high climbing tower. The park also offers good restaurants, as well as kiosks where you can satisfy your hunger with an ice cream.

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