Experimentarium Copenhagen

Denmark's science center

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Do you love to have fun while learning new things? Should the holiday be filled with science, learning and fun experiences? Then Experimentariet in Copenhagen is the perfect destination for your day trip with the family. The attraction is for both children and adults, and you can easily get a whole day to go there.

If you choose to spend the weekend or holiday with us, you only have a short drive of approx. 1 hour until Copenhagen, where you will find the exciting Experimentarium.


Experimentarium Copenhagen
Tuborg Havnevej 7
2900 Hellerup

Distance from Feddet:

95 km

The Experimentarium is full of fun experiences and science

The house offers a wealth of experiences with science through exhibitions, activities, demonstrations and science shows.

The exhibitions cover everything from mathematical challenges and science behind soap bubbles to a beach exhibition with knowledge about water. You can be active in the Olympic test center, take the Experimentarium’s sports test or build changes with Lego bricks. The demonstrations offer everything from knowledge about the body to experiments with fire and electromagnetism. The house’s science shows vary, but there are e.g. the big soap bubble show, where completely wild and big soap bubbles are demonstrated.

It will without a doubt be an absolutely unforgettable day for the whole family! And you always come from the center with new knowledge!

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