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Stay very close to nature in luxurious surroundings

Are you for tent accommodation, try a luxury rental glamping tent with room for up to 4 people.

The tent is furnished with 2 sleeping cabins in total, 1 cabin with 1 x double bed and one with two single beds. In addition, the tent contains living room with space for cooking and coziness. The tent also has a practical small camping kitchen with refrigerator, as well as tables and chairs where you can sit together and enjoy the food. On the terrace you get the opportunity to relax in delicious lounge furniture.

See the complete inventory list in the tent here.

For booking, please contact us by phone +45 56 72 52 06, via email or directly through our online booking.
Luksus Glampingtelt med terrasse

Worth knowing

If you have booked, please provide your booking number and pitch number when you check in at the information.

The unit is available from 15.00 on the arrival day

The unit must be left at 11.00 on the day of departure.

In spring and autumn, it is possible to leave no later than 16.00 if there is no arrival at the unit the same day, please ask in the information.

Dogs are welcome at the campsite. Dogs must be led on a leash and aired in the dog forest which is close to the campsite.

In the dog forest, the dog is allowed to run around freely if it is friendly to other dogs.

Prices and surcharges

We hare now using variable prices

-exactly as you know it from airline tickets, hotels and other travel companies. This means that you are guaranteed the best price if you book early, as the price will increase when there are only a few units left.

Therefore, you will always find the current daily price in our online booking, by filling in the dates in the box just above. It makes it easy and clear for you, and at the same time you do not have to keep track of seasonal periods.

Prices for other services and options can be found further down the page.

All our offers are now also shown directly in our online booking, so you are always sure to book at the right price.

The prices below are incl. hot water in service buildings, except family rooms.

Mandatory extras:

Cleaning and preparation of tent: DKK 595
Electricity and gas consumption: DKK 125 per Day.

Other prices

Reservation fee per. tel./mail: DKK 125
Reservation fee online booking: DKK 0, –
Choice of specific unit: DKK 150
Security package Basic: DKK 295
Security package Luxury: DKK 995
Access to family room, without purchase of activity package: DKK 20, – pr. entrance

Rental prices:

Linen incl. towel: DKK 75, – pr. set
Duvet and pillow: DKK 150, – pr. set

Images, video and location

Glamping is luxury in nature at the highest level!


Glamping is luxury at the highest level!

Do you dream of a tent holiday that is a little out of the ordinary? Something reminiscent of 1st class in the camping world?

Maybe you have heard of the concept glam camping? Glamping means glamorous camping. It is a mix of the luxurious lifestyle and a simple camping holiday. For those of you who want to go on holiday in nature, but are not quite into the primitive form of camping. Glamping adds luxury and glamor to the camping concept and makes it a form of holiday for everyone.

A glamping overnight stay at Feddet Strand Resort offers an ultra-luxurious experience. You spend the night in a really nice luxury tent with its own wooden terrace and delicious lounge furniture. There is room for four people in the tent – it could be the group of friends, the small family or the couple of friends. You can enjoy cooking in the small camping kitchen and pick up cold drinks from the tent’s fridge. And you in need of more luxury? Then our 5-star place offers everything from wellness, pool and fitness to a beatiful beach and glourious nature. There is everything the heart desires.

Your glamping stay at Feddet will be absolutely luxurious and completely unforgettable! Book today and get the summer holidays or the upcoming weekend trip in place in the calendar.

Glamping price for any budget

Glamping is for everyone. Therefore, you can of course rent one of our luxurious glamping tents XXL at a completely reasonable price. We always have a good offer, so any budget can be included. Included in your accommodation is of course a luxury tent packed with wonderful glamping equipment.

You do not just spend the night in an ordinary tent. No, forget all about sleeping on the ground on an uncomfortable air mattress or cooking by a campfire. Your glamping tent is equipped with a refrigerator, kitchen, a double bed and two single beds – in two separate cabins – tables and chairs indoors and lounge furniture on the terrace. It is actually reminiscent of a small holiday cabin – where you get the perfect setting to have fun together. Of course without it becoming too primitive!

The modern facilities at the campsite make it even less primitive to spend the night in our glamping tents. We have built some really beautiful service buildings, where you can enjoy a hot bath, use the kitchen or stay in the delicious common rooms. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Best of all, the beach is close. You can walk right down there from your tent. Could it be more luxurious?

Luxurious glamping Zealand in perfect surroundings

Do you dream of glamping on Zealand with beautiful nature or glamping Copenhagen?

Feddet Strand Resort is the obvious holiday destination. Here you spend the night in glamorous surroundings close to nature, but also no more than 1 hour drive from the capital. This is the obvious opportunity for you who want to get away from the big city for a few days. Or for you who want to spend a holiday on Zealand and experience both nature and the city.

The natural surroundings around Feddet Strand Resort invite to many fun activities. You can test boundaries with everything from horseback riding on the beach to wild MTB rides in the woods or what about something at sea? Here you can try your hand at kayaking, kitesurfing, fishing or just enjoy a ride in the blue wave. The beach, just a stone’s throw from the square, is one of Denmark’s best. Here the day can easily go with sunbathing and relaxation. Before returning to the luxurious glamping surroundings and enjoying a cold glass of rosé wine on your terrace.

Are you less into nature and more into excitement, culture and history? Our 5-star place is located close to many interesting attractions and also only 1 hour drive from Copenhagen. You thus have ample opportunity to leave the glamping tent for a few hours or a whole day and go on a fun excursion. Get excitement for all the money in Camp Adventure or enjoy the tranquility of the local golf club. Travel back in time in HC Andersen’s world, Faxe Kalkbrud or Stevnsfort’s Cold War Museum. Take a cozy trip in Copenhagen and experience Tivoli, museums, Copenhagen Zoo or shop on Strøget.

Overnight in glamping tent in a place with many activities

Glamping in tents equals luxury. You will not be in doubt about that when you spend the night at Feddet Strand Resort. In addition to welcoming you in a truly luxurious glamourous camping tent, we also welcome you to a 5-star campsite. Our space is decorated with a wealth of activities and facilities that will no doubt live up to your idea of what glamping is. Discover everything from wellness and spa to fitness, mini golf, water park, beach café and supermarket on site.

Wellness with spa and pool is the perfect activity for the group of friends or couples who are on a relaxing holiday or weekend trip. Here you can really get into gear and de-stress. There is an outdoor spa with 38 degree hot water, a delicious panoramic sauna, an outdoor sun area and outdoor showers for the “cold thrill”. Here you can enjoy many relaxing hours together. Lie back comfortably in the sun loungers and enjoy a delicious and cold drink on a hot summer day. It’s high level glamping!

Should you also keep in shape? Then we have a brand new fitness center, where you can get started with running training, cycling and weightlifting. Here, the extra calories consumed during the glamping holiday can be quickly burned again.

Entertainment is also needed. This is where our fun Adventure Golf mini golf course comes into the picture. It’s fun for both kids and adults to swing with the clubs and try to make the hard shots. Do you have children on glamping? Then you can also enjoy our tropical water park and the huge indoor playground. Here the kids can frolic for many hours.

Have you experienced enough for one day? And do you just need to recharge a little? Our delicious beach café serves wonderful food – both in the restaurant and out of the house. And if you want to cook yourself, you can go shopping in our supermarket. Here you will find everything you need to make a wonderful dinner in your luxury tent. Enjoy dinner together on the terrace and have a good glass of wine while you get the last of the day’s sun.

Luxury tent and camping invite to presence and coziness

Imagine the summer sun shining on the private terrace. The lounge furniture set is comfortable and comfy – a place where you can sit back. One of you has picked up a good bottle of rosé wine – soda for the kids. Whether you are away as a family or with friends, you have come to a place where you can really enjoy the Danish summer and all it has to offer.

All glamping tents are located at a good distance from each other. So you get a nice feeling of having privacy on your terrace. But at the same time also so that it is possible to toast with the neighbor or let the kids run over and play with the other children. Our luxury tent accommodation really invites you to be present and cozy on all levels. You live close together in the tent, but still with so much space that it does not become uncomfortable. It is the perfect holiday form when you want to get closer to your family or friends.

The area is surrounded by green lawns, gravel paths and large trees around. You can feel cut off from the outside world and completely out in nature, but still around other people and with luxurious facilities in the tent and on the square. That’s the essence of glamping!

Luxury tent holiday with friends

A luxury tent accommodation at Feddet Strand Resort is the obvious option when you want to go on holiday or weekend trip together as friends. The tents have room for four people, which is ideal for the close group of friends or the two good pairs of friends. You get a luxurious opportunity to get away from everyday life, closer to each other and just enjoy the Danish nature. Our glamping experience adds up to many cozy moments in your luxurious tent. You can have fun with deep conversations, board games and a good bottle of wine. You can enjoy the summer together in the best way!

It is entirely up to you whether you want to stay on the site and enjoy all its many facilities and activities. Or if you want to experience Denmark – nature, attractions and sights near our 5-star square. We are so ideally located that you have ample opportunity to take the car or bike on a day trip to some of the nearby attractions.

Take the bike on a beautiful nature route to Faxe Kalkbrud and experience the past in an interesting way. Here you can travel more than 63 million years back in time and go fossil hunting in the great limestone quarry. You can also take the car to one of the area’s most popular attractions. Namely BonBon Land. The park is fun for both children and adults – and you can easily have a whole day to go here.

Book a luxury family tent for this year’s summer vacation

Should this year’s summer holiday with the family offer accommodation in a luxury family tent at Feddet Strand Resort? Why not? Glamping with children is ideal when you want to let the children experience camping in a luxurious way. Here you really get everything you could ever dream of having the holiday has to offer.

Our place is for the whole family and packed with activities for both children and adults. Some of our most popular areas for families with children are the large tropical water park. Here you can let the children frolic in several indoor pools, which are equipped with multiple fountains. The pools invite to play, swimming and relaxation for the whole family. When you have had enough, you can end the trip with a delicious warm-up in the beautiful panoramic sauna. Our indoor Play & Fun is also a hit with all families with children on the site. Here, small and older children can frolic in climbing land, play PlayStation, air hockey and much more.

Outdoors, the space also offers a wealth of fun activities for children. You can enjoy everything from a pleasant trip in the petting zoo to challenging hours on our jungle track or skate park or fun exercise in our huge Netland. If the days are dull and gray, you can search inside and spend time in the Gamehouse or in our creative workshop.

Nature is also needed. If you want to introduce the children to something other than the luxury life at the campsite, there is also plenty of opportunity for outdoor experiences in the nature around you. You can go on long walks in the forest at Feddet. Or enjoy fun and sunny days on the beach and in the water. The beach, which is only a stone’s throw from the square, is actually one of Denmark’s very best of its kind.

Excursions are also a part of any vacation. It is always fun to get a little away from the square and experience something new and exciting. Luckily, we have a wealth of kid-friendly attractions just a short drive from Feddet Beach Resort. You can experience the natural wonder Møns Klint, get excitement for all the money in Camp Adventure Skovtårnet or meet exotic animals up close in Knuthenborg Safari Park.

Glamping with a dog is also needed. When you want to take the family’s best friend on holiday, we do not say no. You can easily take your beloved four-legged friend with you for the night in our beautiful glamping tents. There is no problem. We have decorated the square with good facilities for man’s best friend. Your terrace for the tent is the perfect place for the doggie to relax in the warm summer heat. Maybe a morning walk on the beach on a leash? Or what about free play? Only 300 meters north of the square you can let the dog loose in our very own dog forest. The nature around the square generally invites to many cozy moments with your pet.

Do you dream of a camping holiday in 1st class? For family, friends or friends? Everyone is welcome at Feddet Strand Resort – and our luxurious glamping tents are perfect for any need for relaxation, coziness and presence.

Glamping near Copenhagen

Do you dream of a camping holiday that is a little more luxurious than what a caravan and an awning can offer? Then choose Feddet Strand Resort. Here we offer glamping in the most luxurious style. That is, an elegant glamping tent, which contains both sleeping cabins, kitchen, living room and a beautiful terrace with lovely lounge furniture. It actually has everything you need to create a cozy weekend or vacation with family and friends.

Our luxurious experience is located close to Copenhagen. It is therefore an obvious idea if you live in the big city and want to enjoy a weekend of delicious relaxation in fantastic natural surroundings. With our beautiful glamping tent, you get all the best from nature without it becoming too primitive! Take the girlfriends under your arm and have a wonderful trip with relaxation, coziness and the opportunity for a whole lot of activities. Our resort area offers everything from pool and wellness to cycling and horseback riding in nature.

If you and your family want to go on holiday near Copenhagen, Feddet Strand Resort is also ideal. Here you can stay in luxurious camping facilities and beautiful natural surroundings. During the day you can visit the big city and have fantastic experiences. In the evening you can return to the quiet and pleasant surroundings. You can also spend the days in our resort area where there are lots of fun activities for the kids. Here is an indoor pool and playground, outdoor playgrounds, petting zoo and much more – and yes, the beach is also close by!

When you book one of our exclusive glamping tents, you are always guaranteed relaxation and good experiences!

See prices and book online here

The daily price indicated in the calendar is our normal price, incl. 4 people.

Mandatory cleaning and preparation: DKK 595

Mandatory electricity and gas consumption: DKK 125 per Day.

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Alle priser er oplyst i danske kroner inklusive moms og alle afgifter med mindre andet er oplyst og klart fremgår i den pågældende situation.
Der opkræves 1.000,00 DKK. senest 14 dage efter reservation. Dette beløb modregnes ved den endelige afregning. Restbeløbet forfalder 60 dage før ankomst, der fremsendes ikke en ny opkrævning, gæsten er selv ansvarlig for at få betalt rettidig ellers kan pladsen eller udlejningsenheden ikke garanteres. Betaling foregår ved at benytte et af de godkendte betalingskort/ kreditkort i online booking, herunder blandt andet Dankort, Visa, MasterCard og Diners. Der pålægges ikke gebyr på Dankort og Visa Kort. Dog pålægges gebyr på danske udstedte kreditkort af et mindre gebyr på 1,00 %. På udenlandske udstedte kreditkort pålægges et mindre gebyr på 2,00 %, gebyret trækkes automatisk ved handlen.


Booker du med mere end 2 mdr. til ankomst, betales 1. rate 14 dage efter reservation, restbeløb betales 2 mdr. før ankomst. Booker du med under 2 mdr. til ankomst, betales hele beløbet 14 dage efter reservation. Booker du med under 14 dage til ankomst, betales hele beløbet på reservationsdatoen.

Fortrydelsesret og refusion

Du har mulighed for at annullere din booking på følgende vilkår:
14 dages fortrydelsesret er gældende og det indbetalte beløb gives retur hvis der afbestilles op til 14 dage efter reservationsdatoen. Ved afbestilling 14 dage efter reservationsdatoen medfører ingen returnering.
Afbrydelse af allerede startet ophold medfører ingen refusion.
Ferie kan ikke videregives/sælges til 3. mand.

Alle udlejningsenheder er 100 % røgfrie. Ryges der alligevel, koster det et rengøringsgebyr på 2.000,00 DKK.


Mister du din nøgle til vores udlejningsenheder, udlejningscykler eller gokarts, opkræver vi et erstatningsgebyr på 750,00 DKK.

Tryghedspakke basis – 295,00 DKK

Med vores tryghedspakke giver vi dig mulighed for trygt at købe din ferie med mulighed for at ombooke dit ophold op til 30 dage før ankomst uden omkostninger. Opholdet skal blot ombookes til senere ophold inden for 6 måneder. Efter 6 måneder bortfalder ombookningsgarantien. Beløb, som er indbetalt, vil blive stående på din gæstekonto, og kan ikke refunderes. Beløbet kan kun anvendes til ferieophold. Denne afbestilling kan ikke bestilles til sæsonpakker eller selskabsarrangementer.

Tryghedspakke Luksus – 995,00 DKK.

Ønsker du fuld dækning af beløbet før ophold, samt under opholdet og ingen administrationsgebyr, anbefaler vi at du tegner vores luksus afbestillingsbeskyttelse. Ved brug af luksus afbestillingsbeskyttelsen fratrækkes beskyttelsens værdi og resten af det indbetalte beløb tilbagebetales til gæsten. Der kræves ingen dokumentation for afbestilling.
Afbestillingsbeskyttelsen skal tegnes ved bestilling eller senest ved betaling af 1. rate. Afbestillingsbeskyttelsen kan ikke efterfølgende annulleres. Denne afbestilling kan ikke bestilles til sæsonpakker eller selskabsarrangementer.

Afbestilling ved force majeure

Feddet Strand Resort kan aflyse eller afbryde enhver booking eller ophold på grund af force majeure, hvorved forstås; krig, optøjer, strejke, lockout, olie og benzinrationeringer, grænselukninger, epidemier, natur- og forureningskatastrofer eller lignende hændelser. Der tilkommer ikke kunden nogen former for godtgørelse, ombooking eller tilbagebetaling af det indbetalte beløb. Ved afbestilling fra kunde under force majeure tilkommer der ikke kunden nogen former for godtgørelse, ombooking eller tilbagebetaling af det indbetalte beløb.

Terms of trade



All prices are stated in Danish kroner including VAT and all taxes unless otherwise stated and clearly stated in the situation in question.
DKK 1,000.00 will be charged. no later than 14 days after reservation. This amount is set off against the final settlement. The balance is due 60 days before arrival, no new charge will be sent, the guest is responsible for getting paid on time otherwise the place or the rental unit can not be guaranteed. Payment is made by using one of the approved payment cards / credit cards in online booking, including Dankort, Visa, MasterCard and Diners. No fee is charged on Dankort and Visa Kort. However, a fee of 1.00 %. On foreign issued credit cards, a small fee of 2.00 %, the fee is deducted automatically upon transaction.


If you book with more than 2 months until arrival, the first installment is paid 14 days after booking, the balance is paid 2 months before arrival. If you book with less than 2 months until arrival, the full amount will be paid 14 days after booking. If you book with less than 14 days until arrival, the full amount will be paid on the booking date.

Right of withdrawal and refund

You have the option to cancel your booking on the following terms:
A 14-day right of withdrawal applies and the amount paid is refunded if canceled up to 14 days after the reservation date. If canceled 14 days after booking, no return will be made.
Interruption of already started stay does not result in a refund.
Holidays can not be passed on / sold to a third party.

Rental units
All rental units are 100% non-smoking. Smoking anyway, it costs a cleaning fee of 2,000.00 DKK.


If you lose your key to our rental units, rental bikes or go-karts, we will charge a replacement fee of DKK 750.00.

Security package basis – 295.00 DKK

With our security package, we give you the opportunity to safely buy your holiday with the option to rebook your stay up to 30 days before arrival at no cost. The stay simply needs to be rebooked for later stays within 6 months. After 6 months, the rebooking guarantee lapses. Amounts paid will remain in your guest account and are non-refundable. The amount can only be used for holiday stays. This cancellation cannot be booked for seasonal packages or party events.

Security package Luxury – 995.00 DKK.

If you want full coverage of the amount before the stay, as well as during the stay and no administration fee, we recommend that you take out our luxury cancellation protection. When using the luxury cancellation protection, the value of the protection is deducted and the rest of the amount paid is refunded to the guest. No documentation is required for cancellation.
The cancellation protection must be taken out when ordering or at the latest when paying the first installment. The cancellation protection cannot subsequently be canceled. This cancellation cannot be booked for seasonal packages or party events.

Cancellation by force majeure

Feddet Strand Resort may cancel or cancel any booking or stay due to force majeure, by which is meant; war, riots, strikes, lockouts, oil and gasoline rationing, border closures, epidemics, natural and pollution disasters or similar incidents. The customer is not entitled to any form of reimbursement, rebooking or refund of the amount paid. In the event of cancellation from a customer under force majeure, the customer will not receive any form of reimbursement, rebooking or refund of the amount paid.