Holiday homes and holiday apartments on Feddet

At Feddet Strand Resort we have several different holiday homes and holiday apartments. See for yourself if there is not also a holiday home for you.

Holiday homes and holiday apartments with space for up to 8 people

Enjoy life in one of our holiday homes or holiday apartments

Holiday vacations are an incredibly popular form of vacation. But at Feddet you get the best of the holiday home combined with the traditional camping holiday. We have lots of activities in the holiday park that can be used during your stay. And that applies regardless of whether you only come two, or it is the whole family that is involved. Pack the car with the most necessary things – the book that has not been read yet, playing cards and swimwear. Drive to Feddet Strand Resort, put your suitcases in, and the holiday has started!

With our holiday homes and apartments, you also get the following in the price

  • Free access to indoor pool / water park
  • Free access to adventure Golf
  • Free access to trampoline land
  • Welcome basket
  • And of course all other activities in the holiday park that are already free

Our holiday homes are located around the peninsula Feddet near the holiday park, and many with direct access to the beach.

Our Premium Holiday Apartments are located centrally in the holiday park with maps close to playgrounds, water park, shop, restaurant, playground and much more.


The Olivia Ocean Suite

Holiday apartment like you have never seen before. At Feddet we have a holiday apartment that we have raised to the absolute highest level.

Sommerhus på stranden

The Beach House Paradiso

The Beach House Paradiso is one of our exclusive holiday homes, which is uniquely located and just a few meters from the ocean. Here you experience the silence, and get a taste for a holiday home in the best way. In the holiday home there is room for 6 people and with direct access down to private beach. The holiday home is suitable for the lonesome holiday goer, the couples or the small family, and all with lots of beautiful outdoor environment.

Spa Villa

Holiday apartment like you have never seen before. At Feddet we have 4 holiday apartments, which we have raised to the absolute highest level. Here you will find i.a. own private outdoor jacuzzi, large wooden terrace with both lounge furniture and dining furniture. Bicycles and SUP boards for free use during the stay.

Fantastisk feriehus med vildmarksbad

The Beach House Amalie

Beach house Amalie is a cozy holiday home with space for up to 8 people and with direct access down to a private beach. The house is suitable for a large family or two small 2 families, and with lots of outdoors.

Terrasse med parasol

The Beach House Caroline

The Beach House Caroline is a cozy holiday home with space for up to 8 people and with direct access down to private beach. On the terrace you will find your own private jacuzzi and a range of delicious outdoor furniture.

Holiday house Thalia

Unique holiday home with its own spa on the terrace and room for the whole family. Enjoy all the benefits of both a holiday home vacation and a resort vacation in one.

Luxurious cottages with sea views

Holiday overlooking the sea? A beautiful cottage with direct access to the beach? Free access to a wealth of activities for the whole family? Our unique cottages with sea views are close to our luxurious holiday park, but still in private and natural surroundings. You get the best of both worlds – as you have both easy access to the beach and free access to all facilities in the holiday park!

Overnight in unique holiday homes close to the water

You get exactly what you dream of when you book your holiday at Feddet Strand Resort. Our unique and luxurious concept houses are located in ideal locations around Feddet.

The houses themselves are completely unique and each offers their very own charm. It can be anything from a delicious wilderness bath to an authentic house with a thatched roof and other charming details. Common to all the concept houses is that they are located close to the beach and in scenic surroundings. You get direct access to the beach and can enjoy the quiet surroundings around you.

The beach houses are an obvious holiday option for the whole family or several adult couples, as there is typically room for accommodation for up to 8 people.

Get access to all facilities at Feddet Strand Resort

Accommodation in our holiday homes for the whole family offers much more than just beach and nature. The stay also includes use of our facilities. So when you do not enjoy the beach, nature and cosiness in your delicious holiday home, you can spend your days with everything from trampoline area, indoor playground to water park, gamehouse and adventure golf. When you have enjoyed the day with activities in the holiday park, you can easily return to your holiday home and enjoy the evening with family fun in quiet surroundings.

For the adults, our holiday park also offers fitness and luxurious wellness. There are two golf courses nearby, ample opportunity for fishing and great shopping in the immediate area.

Book holiday houses with sea views and unique nature

Our concept houses offer nature and experiences in one package. You not only get fun activities for the whole family in the holiday park. The area also offers activities such as. horseback riding, mountain biking, electric motocross, kayaking and kitesurfing. In addition, Feddet is located a short distance to a large number of sights and attractions such as Møns Klint, Skovtårnet, Bonbon Land, Geomuseum Faxe and many more.

Do you dream of holidaying in one of our beautiful concept houses? Book today and have an eventful holiday for the whole family!

Holiday homes in fantastic surroundings

Do you dream of a cozy holiday in a lovely holiday home? With look down to the water? Opportunity for a wealth of experiences?

At Feddet Strand Resort you can spend the night in some of the most beautiful holiday homes located close to the beach and with access to a wealth of fun activities on the site. Whether you are away as a family, couple or with friends, our luxurious holiday homes are the obvious choice.

We have decorated our 5-star campsite with something for everyone. When you spend the night in our holiday homes, you can enjoy everything from wilderness baths and spas to cozy evenings on the terrace with sunset and a good glass of wine at hand – you always get unforgettable moments with us!

A holiday home where you can enjoy life

Relax and enjoy life in our delicious holiday homes. We have done everything to ensure that you have the most comfortable and wonderful holiday. No matter which holiday home you are allocated, there is always easy access to one of Denmark’s most beautiful sandy beaches. The houses can either accommodate 6 people or can accommodate 8 people. You can therefore easily go with the whole family or several pairs of friends.

You always get a luxurious holiday home on Feddet. We pamper you with the best details such as outdoor spa or wilderness bath, large and spacious terraces, views of the water and a delicious welcome basket. You can plan the days as you wish. Cook in the cottage’s spacious kitchen, or take the trip up to our cozy beach café – which also offers food out of the house, you can take down to your holiday home.

When you spend the night in our holiday homes, you will of course also have access to everything our place has to offer – both facilities and activities.

Holiday home with activities for the whole family

Accommodation in luxury holiday homes with children? Together as a couple? Or with girlfriends and friends? No matter who you go to, we always have a wealth of exciting and eventful activities that you can enjoy together.

Our indoor activities on the site include everything from a huge indoor water park, wellness and spa area, indoor playground, gamehouse with PlayStation and creative workshop. Outdoors on the site you will find in our fun jungle course, playgrounds, go-karting, pet zoo and adventure golf.

Do you dream of experiences in the surrounding nature? The area by our lovely holiday park offers everything from hiking in the woods or on the beach, to kayaking, mountain biking, kitesurfing, fishing or horseback riding on Icelandic horses.

We have exciting activities for both children and adults who just want to enjoy life or try limits. From the holiday homes you typically have 1 or 2 km to the center of the holiday park, where most of our activities are located.

Beach houses with the best location

Are you looking for a completely unique stay in a holiday home by the beach? Feddet Strand Resort gives you the best of everything. Here you get accommodation in completely unique holiday homes, where you can really relax and find peace from a hectic everyday life. You get a luxurious cottage with sea views, wonderful facilities, a wide range of activities on the site and quick access to the beach.

On top of that, our lovely cottages and 5-star space are also located close to many sights and attractions. Take an excursion with the kids to Bonbon Land and have a great fun day. Or experience a Danish natural phenomenon at Møns Klint. You can also take the trip to the Danish capital, which is only about 1 hour drive from the square. Here you can experience everything from culture to the buzz and life of the big city, shopping opportunities and wonderful dining experiences.

Are you just for true relaxation? Then you can also enjoy the holidays in your holiday home. There are quiet surroundings where you can enjoy sunbathing on the terrace, read a good book or play fun games with the family.

Exclusive holiday homes with sea views

Hear the sound of the waves and feel the scent of sand and beach. Go down to the beach in an instant to have a wonderful morning dip or spend the whole day down there with the kids. Our holiday home rental gives you a fantastic holiday experience overlooking the sea and only a short walk down to the beach. It is calm and scenic – and you get a feeling of being on holiday without too much noise around you. The surroundings of our holiday homes are something that you just have to experience!

Book a holiday home at Feddet today

Our concept holiday homes is created to give you the best holiday in Denmark. You get peace and quiet with the family in your very own cottage by the beach. At the same time, you have all kinds of activities and experiences within reach. The holiday can look just the way you want it. During the day, be on a beach trip or water park, hiking or mountain biking, playground or playground, homemade food or takeaway – it’s up to you!

Find the best rental of holiday homes in Denmark at Feddet. We have everything you need to make your holiday cozy and atmospheric. Experience Feddet Strand Resort and have a fantastic holiday together!

Exciting activities at Feddet

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