Holiday with dog

Have a holiday with the dog

Finally, take the dog on holiday and use our own dog forest

The dog is man’s best friend, and at Feddet Strand Resort we have thought of this. About 500 meters north of the information is our large fenced dog park, where dogs are allowed off leash. There is room for lots of play with your dog. There are hemp hemp bags hanging at both entrances, remember to use them! If you are going for long walks, we recommend a walk out into nature at Feddet.

A little prayer – if you are so considerate that you use dog bags outside the campsite as well – then feel free to throw them in the many rubbish bins we have set up along the paths.

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Have a holiday with the dog in Denmark

Can you not do without the family’s best friend when you go on vacation? Going on holiday in Denmark makes it a little easier to take the dog on holiday. But it is also important to choose a place where there are the best facilities and opportunities to maintain the dog’s routines and everyday life.

We want to make it easy as a game to holiday with the dog at Feddet Strand Resort. Therefore, we offer that you can take the dog in both caravan, motorhome and in most of our beautiful cabins or holiday homes.

Our holiday area is also located in a truly scenic area, where there is plenty of opportunity for your dog to frolic and use some energy during the day.

Take your dog on holiday with us

Camper? Caravan? Or accommodation in a cabin or in a holiday home? Your beloved four-legged friend is always welcome. Only our cabins Nos. 34-35 are exempt for pets.

A holiday with a dog means for most people a relaxing but also active holiday. Our holiday area is ideal for both. You can enjoy relaxing with the dog on your accompanying terrace when you spend the night in a cabin. And when you need a morning walk, our beautiful dog forest is only 300 meters away from the campsite. Here you can let the dog run without a leash.

If you are going on a longer walk with the whole family, there are lots of beautiful nature areas on Feddet, where you can take long walks. When you have a tired dog for the evening, you can appropriately enjoy a walk in the water park or wellness.

Cozy camping with your dog

At Feddet Strand Resort you get a nice holiday with the dog in beautiful nature. The area invites to both walks and jogs in the woods and on the beach for the whole family. And when you want to enjoy relaxation, activities and sights without a dog, there is also plenty of opportunity for that. We always make sure that you have a comfortable and easy holiday with your dog.

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