and Strandegård Dyrepark

Beautiful scenery just outside the resort

Just north of Feddet Strand Resort are Troldehøje and Strandegård Dyrehave

Follow Skansestien to Troldehøj to the north to Strandegård Dyrehave, a beautiful old forest, where many of the 2-300 year old crooked oak and beech trees are protected. The forest ends at the high cliffs, and it is clearly seen on the fallen trees on the beach that the sea at high tide and storm takes a small bite of the cliff. The trip can be started from Skansestien behind Strandegård (there is a signposted parking space) or take the car off Dyrehavevej towards Fakse Ladeplads and use the parking lot west of the forest (There is a signposted from Dyrehavevej).

Regardless of the season, a walk in Strandegårds Dyrehave is beautiful, in the spring it is the beautiful forest floor with violets and anemones and birdsong from above that pulls, and in summer it is recommended to take the trip by bike through the forest and further along Skansestien along the rugged coast.

Lunch and coffee can be enjoyed in a clearing in the forest floor or from Skansen’s ramparts where there is a fantastic view of Fakse bay. In the southern part of the forest towards the coast lies a long dolmen and four burial mounds and testify to the time in the area several thousand years ago. Troldhøjene is located close to the coast with beautiful views of the water, and in clear weather you can see Møn, Stevns Klint and Præstø.

If you are by car, you can park in the parking lot at Dyrehaven.


Strandegård Dyrehave
4654 Faxe Ladeplads

Afstand fra Feddet:

2 km

Overview map

Troldehøje and Strandegård Dyrehave are marked with number 2 on the map

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