Camping in your own caravan or tent

At Feddet Strand we have lots of different pitches for your caravan or tent.

Camping in your own caravan or tent

Real vacation is camping vacation

At Feddet Strand Resort, the whole family can look forward to a lot of pleasant and fun holiday experiences. In addition to the many activities and experiences on the site, we also have Zealand’s perhaps best beach! The beach is very child-friendly and has been nominated several times as one of the best bathing beaches on Zealand.

We have many different types of pitches, so here is something for everyone, whether you want sun, shelter, shade or views. Several of the pitches are close to the campsite’s many playgrounds, so you can keep an eye on the little ones from the awning.

Pige på Feddet Strand Resort i campingvogn

Worth knowing

If you have booked, please provide your booking number and pitch number when you check in at the information.

The unit is available from 15.00 on the arrival day

The unit must be left at 11.00 on the day of departure.

In spring and autumn, it is possible to leave no later than 16.00 if there is no arrival at the unit the same day, please ask in the information.

Dogs are welcome at the campsite. Dogs must be led on a leash and aired in the dog forest which is close to the campsite.

In the dog forest, the dog is allowed to run around freely if it is friendly to other dogs.

Bomb card

Upon arrival, you will have an encoded toll card, either a chip card from Feddet or one of your own cards, such as your health card or debit card. The card serves as a toll card for entry and exit and as an access card for the Fun&Play activity center, Gamehouse and fitness, which are all free activities. Simply hold the card up in front of the card reader if it’s a chip card or swipe the card through the reader if the card has a magnetic stripe. You can always have multiple cards linked to your stay. Visit the reception and bring a credit card, health card or anything else with a magnetic stripe. These cards can be encoded to act as access cards.

Positioning the cart

The trailer and awning must be placed with a fire distance of 3 meters to the next trailer. The same applies if you are in a tent. Therefore, everyone must keep 1.5 m to the boundary. The metal plates with seat numbers on them indicate the boundary. We encourage you to pitch your awning facing south for the best possible location for everyone.

Electricity and water

Electric heating in awnings is NOT allowed. All camping units have 10 amps available. You need a CEE adapter (blue EU plug) to be able to connect your power cable. If you don’t have an adapter, you can rent/purchase one from us. Power consumption is included in your stay. Wastewater must be emptied into the effluent sump for chemical toilets. The water posts’ drains must not be used for wastewater disposal.


Parking is possible at your space, for fire safety reasons, only one car per space is allowed. If you bring more than one car, you can park for free in the parking lot that runs parallel to the entrance road to Feddet, your toll card works at the barrier. Note: This does not apply to year-round and seasonal guests, who must purchase parking if more than one car is required.
You are allowed to bring in multiple cars to unload, please contact the reception if you need to do so.

Day visitors

If you have day visitors, they only need to pay for parking. Day visitors can park in the parking lot along the driveway. Payment can be made according to applicable rates. Day visitors are welcome between 7:00 – 23:00.
If you have overnight guests or family members who are not booked on your reservation, simply ask at the reception and you will be charged an amount per person per night.

Service buildings and facilities

There are two large, modern service buildings in the camping area, where you have access to toilets, showers and laundry facilities. Restrooms and showers are open 24 hours a day and do not require card access. The showers are free to use, but if you want more space, you can use our family bathroom. It costs 1 clip to use the family bathrooms, which contain double showers, washbasins, hairdryers and toilets. Season tickets can be purchased at the reception.
The service building also has a baby changing room with a changing station, small toilets, a bathtub for toddlers and a shower for both small and older children.
The service building contains a kitchen with an adjoining living room, which can be used freely. There is an industrial dishwasher in the kitchen. There are small coolers in the kitchen that can be rented at reception. It costs 40,- per cooler per day.


Washing machines and dryers are located in the service building. You must bring your own detergent and fabric softener. It costs 30,- for a 40 degree wash and 40,- for a 60 degree wash. The dryers cost 1,- per minute.
The machines receive 1, 2, 5 and 10 kroner. Change can be exchanged at the reception.
Access to the laundry is by using your toll card. It is open 24 hours a day.


When you need to dispose of your waste, stop by our recycling station, which is located close to the mini golf course. The eco station is number 12 on the site map.

Peace and quiet time

The resort must be quiet between 23:00 – 07:00. Please observe this and respect neighbors and other guests on site. Music, conversation etc. must be kept within your own tent, caravan or rental unit.

Access and barriers

The gates are open between 7:00 – 23:00. If you arrive at Feddet outside these hours, please park in the parking lot located parallel to the entrance road to Feddet, which is open 24 hours a day. In the unlikely event that the barrier needs to be raised between 23:00 and 7:00, a fee of DKK 350 will be charged. However, this does not apply to emergency situations.

Opening hours

Opening hours and activities can be found in our activity calendar on and on

Other information

If you lose any belongings during your stay, you can go to the reception where we keep lost and found items.

If you need urgent assistance outside of our opening hours, you can contact us on 56725206.

Check out

Upon departure, all rubbish must be collected and delivered to the recycling station. If your booking is paid in full, you can simply leave the resort without checking out at reception.

On the day of departure, the pitch must be vacated by 11:00 at the latest. However, it is possible to use the facilities after 11:00 am, please inform the reception when checking out. Cars can be parked in the parking lot for free on the day of departure.

If you have purchased free Pool & Spa and mini golf, these can of course also be used on the day of departure after 11:00.

You can also wait to check out until no later than 16.00. However, only if there are no others arriving at the unit on the same day, please ask in the information. This only applies outside the school holidays.
During school summer vacation and public holidays, if the unit is available, you can purchase until 20:00 for only half the price of the accommodation price.

Prices and surcharges


-exactly as you know it from airline tickets, hotels and other travel companies. This means that you are guaranteed the best price if you book early, as the price will increase when there are only a few units left.

Therefore, you will always find the current daily price in our online booking, by filling in the dates in the box just above. It makes it easy and clear for you, and at the same time you do not have to keep track of seasonal periods.

Prices for other services and options can be found further down the page.

All our offers are now also shown directly in our online booking, so you are always sure to book at the right price.

Other prices

Pets: DKK 35, – DKK per. day
Reservation fee per. tel./mail: DKK 125
Reservation fee online booking: DKK 0, –
Choice of specific unit: DKK 150
Security package Basic: DKK 295
Security package Luxury: DKK 995
Empty wagon (only possible in the low season): DKK 25, – pr. Day
Access to family room, without purchase of free pool and mini golf: DKK 20,- per time
Access to family room, when purchasing free pool and mini golf: DKK 0,- per time

Rental prices:

Linen incl. towel: DKK 75, – pr. set
Duvet and pillow: DKK 150, – pr. set
Electric adapter: DKK 25, – pr. night
Electric cable: DKK 50, – pr. night
Cooling box (Cooling temperature depends on outdoor temperature – when renting a cooling box you can borrow free cooling elements in the store): DKK 40, – pr. night
Cot: DKK 25, – pr. night
Baby chair: DKK 25, – pr. night

Images, video and location

Platinum, gold, silver and bronze pitches


At Feddet Strand Resort, our pitches are divided into four pitches categories. You can choose from platinum, gold, silver or bronze pitches. Platinum pitches are our largest pitches, also called XL pitches, and are for you who need extra space. Gold pitches are our popular pitches, and are for you who want to be pampered. The pitches are either located close to the beach, some with sea views or close to our facilities. Our silver pitches are also really well located, but are for you who can settle for a little less comfort. Our bronze pitches are for you who want cheap camping. Here the distance to the beach and facilities is a little longer, but we promise you that you will also stay well.

It is also possible to spend the winter in the campsite.

See the place map further down on this page.

Space for all target groups

Room for the family with children
We recommend the family with children to choose a place in the area before the South Building on the campsite.

Room for the teenage family
We recommend the family with teenager to choose a place in the area between the south and north building on the campsite.

Room for adults without children or grandparents with children
We recommend adults who come without children or grandparents with children to choose a place in the area around or after the north building on the campsite.

See the place map further up on this page.

See prices and book online here

See 360 degree photos from Feddet

See the area, facilities, accommodation and the many activities in our popular virtual tour




Alle priser er oplyst i danske kroner inklusive moms og alle afgifter med mindre andet er oplyst og klart fremgår i den pågældende situation.
Der opkræves 1.000,00 DKK. senest 14 dage efter reservation. Dette beløb modregnes ved den endelige afregning. Restbeløbet forfalder 60 dage før ankomst, der fremsendes ikke en ny opkrævning, gæsten er selv ansvarlig for at få betalt rettidig ellers kan pladsen eller udlejningsenheden ikke garanteres. Betaling foregår ved at benytte et af de godkendte betalingskort/ kreditkort i online booking, herunder blandt andet Dankort, Visa, MasterCard og Diners. Der pålægges ikke gebyr på Dankort og Visa Kort. Dog pålægges gebyr på danske udstedte kreditkort af et mindre gebyr på 1,00 %. På udenlandske udstedte kreditkort pålægges et mindre gebyr på 2,00 %, gebyret trækkes automatisk ved handlen.


Booker du med mere end 2 mdr. til ankomst, betales 1. rate 14 dage efter reservation, restbeløb betales 2 mdr. før ankomst. Booker du med under 2 mdr. til ankomst, betales hele beløbet 14 dage efter reservation. Booker du med under 14 dage til ankomst, betales hele beløbet på reservationsdatoen.

Fortrydelsesret og refusion

Du har mulighed for at annullere din booking på følgende vilkår:
14 dages fortrydelsesret er gældende og det indbetalte beløb gives retur hvis der afbestilles op til 14 dage efter reservationsdatoen. Ved afbestilling 14 dage efter reservationsdatoen medfører ingen returnering.
Afbrydelse af allerede startet ophold medfører ingen refusion.
Ferie kan ikke videregives/sælges til 3. mand.

Alle udlejningsenheder er 100 % røgfrie. Ryges der alligevel, koster det et rengøringsgebyr på 2.000,00 DKK.


Mister du din nøgle til vores udlejningsenheder, udlejningscykler eller gokarts, opkræver vi et erstatningsgebyr på 750,00 DKK.

Tryghedspakke basis – 295,00 DKK

Med vores tryghedspakke giver vi dig mulighed for trygt at købe din ferie med mulighed for at ombooke dit ophold op til 30 dage før ankomst uden omkostninger. Opholdet skal blot ombookes til senere ophold inden for 6 måneder. Efter 6 måneder bortfalder ombookningsgarantien. Beløb, som er indbetalt, vil blive stående på din gæstekonto, og kan ikke refunderes. Beløbet kan kun anvendes til ferieophold. Denne afbestilling kan ikke bestilles til sæsonpakker eller selskabsarrangementer.

Tryghedspakke Luksus – 995,00 DKK.

Ønsker du fuld dækning af beløbet før ophold, samt under opholdet og ingen administrationsgebyr, anbefaler vi at du tegner vores luksus afbestillingsbeskyttelse. Ved brug af luksus afbestillingsbeskyttelsen fratrækkes beskyttelsens værdi og resten af det indbetalte beløb tilbagebetales til gæsten. Der kræves ingen dokumentation for afbestilling.
Afbestillingsbeskyttelsen skal tegnes ved bestilling eller senest ved betaling af 1. rate. Afbestillingsbeskyttelsen kan ikke efterfølgende annulleres. Denne afbestilling kan ikke bestilles til sæsonpakker eller selskabsarrangementer.

Afbestilling ved force majeure

Feddet Strand Resort kan aflyse eller afbryde enhver booking eller ophold på grund af force majeure, hvorved forstås; krig, optøjer, strejke, lockout, olie og benzinrationeringer, grænselukninger, epidemier, natur- og forureningskatastrofer eller lignende hændelser. Der tilkommer ikke kunden nogen former for godtgørelse, ombooking eller tilbagebetaling af det indbetalte beløb. Ved afbestilling fra kunde under force majeure tilkommer der ikke kunden nogen former for godtgørelse, ombooking eller tilbagebetaling af det indbetalte beløb.

Terms of trade



All prices are stated in Danish kroner including VAT and all taxes unless otherwise stated and clearly stated in the situation in question.
DKK 1,000.00 will be charged. no later than 14 days after reservation. This amount is set off against the final settlement. The balance is due 60 days before arrival, no new charge will be sent, the guest is responsible for getting paid on time otherwise the place or the rental unit can not be guaranteed. Payment is made by using one of the approved payment cards / credit cards in online booking, including Dankort, Visa, MasterCard and Diners. No fee is charged on Dankort and Visa Kort. However, a fee of 1.00 %. On foreign issued credit cards, a small fee of 2.00 %, the fee is deducted automatically upon transaction.


If you book with more than 2 months until arrival, the first installment is paid 14 days after booking, the balance is paid 2 months before arrival. If you book with less than 2 months until arrival, the full amount will be paid 14 days after booking. If you book with less than 14 days until arrival, the full amount will be paid on the booking date.

Right of withdrawal and refund

You have the option to cancel your booking on the following terms:
A 14-day right of withdrawal applies and the amount paid is refunded if canceled up to 14 days after the reservation date. If canceled 14 days after booking, no return will be made.
Interruption of already started stay does not result in a refund.
Holidays can not be passed on / sold to a third party.

Rental units
All rental units are 100% non-smoking. Smoking anyway, it costs a cleaning fee of 2,000.00 DKK.


If you lose your key to our rental units, rental bikes or go-karts, we will charge a replacement fee of DKK 750.00.

Security package basis – 295.00 DKK

With our security package, we give you the opportunity to safely buy your holiday with the option to rebook your stay up to 30 days before arrival at no cost. The stay simply needs to be rebooked for later stays within 6 months. After 6 months, the rebooking guarantee lapses. Amounts paid will remain in your guest account and are non-refundable. The amount can only be used for holiday stays. This cancellation cannot be booked for seasonal packages or party events.

Security package Luxury – 995.00 DKK.

If you want full coverage of the amount before the stay, as well as during the stay and no administration fee, we recommend that you take out our luxury cancellation protection. When using the luxury cancellation protection, the value of the protection is deducted and the rest of the amount paid is refunded to the guest. No documentation is required for cancellation.
The cancellation protection must be taken out when ordering or at the latest when paying the first installment. The cancellation protection cannot subsequently be canceled. This cancellation cannot be booked for seasonal packages or party events.

Cancellation by force majeure

Feddet Strand Resort may cancel or cancel any booking or stay due to force majeure, by which is meant; war, riots, strikes, lockouts, oil and gasoline rationing, border closures, epidemics, natural and pollution disasters or similar incidents. The customer is not entitled to any form of reimbursement, rebooking or refund of the amount paid. In the event of cancellation from a customer under force majeure, the customer will not receive any form of reimbursement, rebooking or refund of the amount paid.