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More transparent prices that cater to those who book early

We use variable pricing

Just as you know it from airline tickets, hotels and other travel. This means that you are guaranteed the best price if you book early.

That is why you will always find the current daily price in our online booking. It makes it easy and clear for you, and at the same time you do not have to keep track of seasonal periods. Use searchable just above, to find the price of exactly the stay you are looking for.

Prices for other services and options can be found below.

All our offers are now also shown directly in our online booking, so you are always sure to book at the right price.

At Feddet Strand Resort, showers, hot water in the kitchen, unlimited use of wifi – and many of our activities are included in the price – and you do not have to think about the dishes – use our dishwasher in the service buildings completely free.

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Other prices – Rental

Eg. holiday homes, cabins, mobile homes, apartments, glamping tents, etc.

See our selection of rental units here

Consumption of electricity is settled at DKK 4.50 per kWh. Remember to read the meter on arrival and departure. (In Premium Beach cabins the meter is read automatically)

Person prices are only for extra people than those included in the rental unit. You can always see all prices in our online booking

  • Extra adult (+12 years) | DKK 105, – pr. Day
  • Extra children (6 months – 11 years) | DKK 85, – pr. Day
  • Extra baby (0-6 months) | DKK 0, – pr. Day
  • Environmental fee per. pers (free access to shower / toilet and kitchen facilities as well as waste disposal and free use of wifi) Paid only for those persons who are not included. | DKK 35, – pr. Day
  • Dog | DKK 75, – pr. Day
  • Reservation fee per. phone / email | DKK 125, –
  • Reservation fee – online booking | DKK 0, –
  • Choice of specific device | DKK 250,-
  • Linen rental incl. towel | DKK 75, – pr. set
  • Cot rental | DKK 25, – pr. night
  • Baby chair rental | DKK 25, – pr. night

Other prices – Camping

– In your own caravan, tent or motorhome

Read more about camping in your own caravan or tent here

  • Pets | DKK 35, – pr. Day
  • Reservation fee per. phone / email | DKK 125, –
  • Reservation fee – online booking | DKK 0, –
  • Selection of specific device | DKK 150, –
  • Empty cart (only possible during selected periods outside the school holidays. Hear more information) | DKK 25, – pr. Day
  • Linen rental incl. towel | DKK 75, – pr. set
  • Duvet and pillow rental | DKK 150, –
  • Rental of electrical adapter | DKK 25, – pr. night
  • Rental of electric cable | DKK 50, – pr. night
  • Rental of cooling box (Cooling temperature depends on outdoor temperature – when renting a cooling box you can borrow free cooling elements in the store) | DKK 40, – pr. night
  • Cot rental | DKK 25, – pr. night
  • Baby chair rental | DKK 25, – pr. night
  • Access to family room | DKK 20,- per time

Worth knowing

If you have booked, please provide your booking number and pitch number when you check in at the information.

The unit is available from 15.00 on the arrival day

The unit must be left at 11.00 on the day of departure.

In spring and autumn, it is possible to leave no later than 16.00 if there is no arrival at the unit the same day, please ask in the information.

Dogs are welcome at the campsite. Dogs must be led on a leash and aired in the dog forest which is close to the campsite.

In the dog forest, the dog is allowed to run around freely if it is friendly to other dogs.

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