Denmark's funniest amusement park


The place is known for dog farts and gull spots – which of course is the name of some of their crazy and fun rides. It is a park for the whole family and for children of all ages. There are both quiet rides for the very small and wild slides for the older children. BonBonland is just a short drive from Feddet Strand Resort – 28 km to be exact. You can therefore easily pack the car in the morning and drive long enough to reach the park during opening hours.


Gartnervej 2
4684 Holmegaard

Distance from Feddet:

28 km

BobBon-Land is fun for the whole family

The amusement park is an obvious day trip for the whole family. You can enjoy each other’s company and laugh and cry when it’s entertaining and maybe a little too wild! There is something to try for any age. The wild boar, as the name itself describes it, is one of the absolutely wild roller coasters. Here you get 400 fast-paced meters. If you are at heights, then this is the Cobra Tower you should try. Here you get a fantastic view of the entire park, which is suddenly interrupted by a wild plunge down to the ground. Should it be quiet and for the little ones? Then you can try everything from albatross and beaver rafting to dragon or dog fart.

The park also offers many cozy places where you can gather and enjoy your food. The park also has several good places to eat, where you can enjoy good food and drink before the trip continues to the next amusement in the park. Enjoy e.g. the buffet in the jungle restaurant or get yourself a good Beaver Pizza.

Other excursion options

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