Geomuseum Faxe

Geomuseum Faxe is for the whole family

The Geomuseum and the large limestone quarry is one of our nearest sights. Just a drive of approx. 20 min. Then you can change caravan and luxury cabin and travel more than 66 million years back in time. The center offers indoor and outdoor experiences. There is something for the whole family. And you get many both fun and educational hours here. Collect fossils in the limestone quarry, enjoy the impressive view or learn more about dinosaur life.


Geocenter Faxe
Østervej 2b
4640 Faxe

Distance from Feddet:

13 km
Faxe Kalkbrud

Travel 66 million years back at Geomuseum Faxe

The museum is not like any other museum. It is a time travel where you get very close to the past. This is done through exhibitions where you can experience fossils from the earth’s most famous animal, namely the dinosaurs. Here you and your children can gain an understanding of Dinosaur life, which existed many millions of years ago. The experience becomes even more authentic, as you can also go hiking in the large limestone quarry.

See unique fossils from the ancient Cretaceous

The museum houses many fossils from the past. Do you want to go out and see where the fossils come from? Then you can take a guided hike in the limestone quarry. Here you get learning, knowledge and magnificent nature for all the money. It is not certain that you will encounter the fossil from a large long neck, but you will certainly find fine fossils from smaller animals. Do you have children with you? Then the center’s fossil hunt is an obvious choice!

Find your own fossils

Fossil hunting? Is it getting better? You can definitely lure the children to the museum when they are allowed to play paleontologists and go hunting for fossils from ancient animals. It sounds like the beginning of a Jurassic Park movie – and who can say no to that?

The fossil hunt must be booked in advance. You will start with an introduction to the museum and then move down into the prehistoric limestone quarry. Rental of hammer and chisel is included in the trip – and then the hunt goes in otherwise!

There is no doubt, Geomuseum Faxe is for the whole family. Both children and parents get to enjoy many fun hours together.

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