Self-picking of blueberries

- at Feddet

Pick your own organic blueberries in our large plantation

On Feddet is one of Denmark’s largest and oldest organic blueberry plantations. Since the 80s, campers and locals have been able to pick the tasty and healthy berries.

In the plantation at Feddet, there are almost 3500 bushes that is abundant with delicious, crisp, sweet and healthy organic blueberries. The season for blueberries is long at Feddet often from week 30 to 38. This is because there are many different varieties in the plantation which ripen at different times. Common to them all is that they are all the American variety, which is known for its large berries and tall shrubs. This makes picking a breeze for both children and adults.

Blueberries are considered to be among the world’s leading foods as it is chock full of antioxidants. It is said that one cup of blueberries a day has many positive effects on our body and well-being.

Blueberries are also suitable for freezing or simply keeping in the fridge and then eating them over the course of a few days as a topping for breakfast or as snacks.

Selvpluk af økologiske blåbær

Self-picking for blueberries starts on Saturday 30 July and continues 6 weeks from here.

Opening hours:

Saturday d. July 30: 2 – 5 p.m
Tuesday d. 2 August 14 – 17

Subsequently, it is open every Saturday and Tuesday from 14 – 17 until Tuesday, September 6

The plantation is only 300 m. From the beach, so remember swimwear, so you can take a dip at one of Zealand’s best beaches before or after picking.

The plantation is located at pkt. 13 on the overview map of the Feddet peninsula.



Self-picking of blueberries costs DKK 80 / kg and you can pay with MobilPay or cash. It is also possible to buy a bucket for DKK 20, and then fill it with blueberries for DKK 250. In the bucket there can be approx. 4 kg. blueberry.

There is free parking at the plantation. Follow the signs from Feddet Strand Resort – Feddet 12, DK 4640 Faxe.

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