Waste sorting and environmental station

Help us take care of the environment

At Feddet Strand Resort you will find a large environmental station located in the middle of the resort. In this way, we avoid heavy trucks driving around inside the square, to the danger of the children. At the same time, we avoid noise and odor nuisances while you are on holiday.

Although it means that you may have to go a little further with the waste, but we it is the right thing to do when we also take better care of each other by not having the heavy vehicles inside the resort itself.

Containers are set up at the environmental station so you can sort your waste.

There are containers for:

Therefore, we kindly ask you to sort your waste so that we can deliver the waste as sorted as possible. Also remember this when you send your child away with the waste, they do not always know where and how to deliver the waste.

See the location of the environmental station:

Nr. 12 on the place card

Miljøstation set fra luften

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