Den Blå Planet

Experience a world under the seven seas

Den Blå Planet offers learning and fun

In Kastrup you can not fail to notice the beautiful and architectural building near the water. This building houses one of the country’s funniest experiences “under water” for the whole family, namely The Blue Planet. This aquarium is full of impressive wildlife that will kick your legs off under both children and adults. Be surprised by close contact with beautiful sea turtles or catch the sharks in the wild tunnel under the aquarium.

Does this sound like something for you? When you stay at Feddet Strand Resort, Den Blå Planet is only approx. an hour’s drive away and is therefore an obvious destination for your cozy day trip!


Den Blå Planet
Jacob Fortlingsvej 1
2770 Kastrup

Distance from Feddet:

90 km
Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium

This attraction is not just the largest of its kind in Denmark. No, Den Blå Planet is actually the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. It is therefore definitely worth a visit if you dream of both an educational and fun excursion during your holiday. The aquarium contains a rich wildlife from several areas – the northern lakes and gardens, tropical lakes and rivers as well as the ocean that offers coral reefs, sharks and rays.

Experiences below sea level

Den Blå Planet offers a lot of experiences. You can get really close to the wildlife below sea level. But what are the absolute “musts” to see? The place actually has their very own Big Five! That is, the biggest or wildest five animals that you just have to see. These are the super cute sea otters. The majestic hammerhead sharks with a very special head shape. The rays, which look incredibly calm, but which are actually some of the most dangerous sea creatures. The Pacific squid with the impressive 2000 suction cups. The Arapaimas, which are really gigantic – up to 3 meters long – and which have actually lived since the time of the dinosaurs. Which of the five are you most looking forward to seeing?

Are there any daredevils in the family? Then you can also try an experience out of the ordinary. Namely an 8 meter underwater trip, where you will dive with sharks!

Other excursion options

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