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Focus on climate and ecology

In many ways, Feddet is ahead of its time in terms of focus on ecology and climate. Our peninsula which consists of approximately 1300 Ha of forest and agriculture. In the year 2000, agriculture was converted to ecology. Our livestock, which today consists of highland cows and sheep, is also organically driven. At Feddet you will also find Zealand’s largest organic blueberry plantation, as well as organic apple and pear plantations.

This focus on nature and the environment has of course also been carried over to Feddet Strand Resort. Back in the year 1999, we built our famous service buildings with 100% focus on the environment. The wood came from our own forest, which was worked with two water systems, the water supplied by our local waterworks, which you bathe in, wash dishes with and drink, and then the water that comes from Feddet’s own borehole, which was connected to our sanitation. Likewise, natural ventilation was established, which ensures that the indoor climate is healthy and clean. Among other things, this brought us to the “green key” – the international eco-label of the tourism industry, which you can read more about here.

To a greater and greater extent, we see an increasing focus on looking after the climate and at the same time using our resources sensibly. At Feddet Strand Resort, we make a special climate effort to take care of the environment and nature that is around us. We have therefore put the environment in focus for the joy of all of us, which is increasingly becoming part of our daily life as the “normal” thing to do and think. The desire to take care of the earth and the earth’s resources is something we all want, but have a hard time relating to. the overall picture, and that is precisely why we must all make an effort so that together we can move in the right direction.

Our vision is to continue working for a better environment where we can. Every time we have to invest in new initiatives for the company, we have to think about the climate goals in the strategies, as far as we can! You can read here about the thoughts and initiatives we have taken at Feddet to focus on improving climate efforts.

Climate goals we have a special focus on:
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Verdensmål nr. 7
Verdensmål nr. 12
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Our mission

We believe that from time to time you need breaks, experiences and new impressions to be able to keep up with a busy everyday life in the long run. Here we believe that nature plays a crucial role, as it makes us slow down and be closer together, so we get “recharged the batteries”.

Therefore, we offer a luxurious setting for your stay, with a short distance to Copenhagen, in some of Zealand’s most beautiful nature. And it does not matter if you spend the night in one of our cabins or holiday homes, with or without a jacuzzi, come in your own caravan or tent, or maybe hold a meeting or a conference with us.

We have lots of activities both indoors and outdoors that complement our unique nature, just as our facilities are among the best in Europe. Because we think our guests deserve the best when they have chosen to visit us.

It is important to take care of nature, as it is to a large extent our most important resource. That is why we do everything we can to have the least possible impact on the environment when we run our resort.

Klimavenlig ferie

Accommodation with a focus on the UN’s climate goals

Our focus areas


At Feddet Strand Resort, we produce our own heat, which is used in service buildings, swimming pools, rental units, etc. Our energy comes from Feddet’s forests, where we produce our own wood chips. The new and modern burner from Linka, which is one of the leading manufacturers in biomass plants, ensures that the fuel is utilized in the best possible way, so that as little wood chips as possible must be used and that you also have the best possible combustion. This solution is very reliable and at the same time creates an efficient utilization of the climate-friendly biofuel. In this way, we ensure that we live up to our expectations of ensuring a sustainable and green energy source for Feddet Strand Resort. In addition to the forest’s resources, we also use the sun’s energy using solar heat, which provides energy for hot showers, buildings, swimming pools, etc.

Green power

Many of our rental units are equipped with air conditioning in the form of heat pumps, which are both energy efficient and at the same time provide good comfort in the form of fast and comfortable heating. At Feddet Strand Resort, we want to make it easy for guests who come by electric car. Therefore, we want to provide better opportunities to charge environmentally friendly transportation options during its holiday trip for a fee. Part of our green transition means that we get means of transport to more environmentally friendly means of transport, including electric and hybrid cars, and therefore we will, as part of our climate efforts, of course support the opportunity to “refuel” while holding. holiday.

Furthermore, we can please you that the electricity used at Feddet Strand Resort is green electricity, supplied by Ørsted, which through the purchase of certificates from renewable energy sources from e.g. offshore wind farms, we cover what corresponds to 100% of our electricity consumption.

Clean and fresh water

Clean and fresh water is a trademark that we all need to take care of and which is not a matter of course in the world. At Feddet Strand Resort, the water is supplied by our local waterworks. All water at Feddet Strand Resort is revitalized via our Grander plant, which comes from Austria. The water has many beneficial effects – including it tastes better and feels softer. In addition, many guests experience positive effects on health and wellness.

Therefore, remember to take good care of the water. You can do this, among other things, by not letting the water run when you wash up, cook or play with the water. Long baths are both unhealthy for you and the environment, you can easily wash and get clean in less than 5 minutes, and at the same time you help to ensure that there is hot water for the next guest who comes after you.

Government and sanitation

In our service buildings, we have installed softening systems. The softening system has the advantage that it creates lime-free water, which makes it easier for our staff to clean and at the same time we need fewer cleaning agents to keep our service buildings clean and tidy. With a softener, you also get silky soft water, which makes the water taste better and feel softer.

Waste sorting for the benefit of the environment

At Feddet Strand Resort you will find a large environmental station located in the middle of the resort. In this way, we avoid heavy trucks having to drive around the square and make noise and create odor nuisances, but you are on holiday. At the same time, we also take better care of each other by not having the heavy vehicles inside the square itself.

Containers are set up at the environmental station so you can sort your waste. There are containers for ordinary household waste, cardboard, metal, paper, barbecue waste, batteries, bottles, etc. Therefore, we kindly ask you to sort your waste, so we can deliver the waste as sorted as possible. Also remember this when you send your child away with the waste, they do not always know where and how to deliver the waste.

Food waste

In our shop we work with food waste, and therefore you can buy a lot of our baked bread at a reduced price after 18.00. We would rather have it bring joy and benefit to families than end up in the trash. This is also a focus area for our restaurant, which we will continuously make more of, for the benefit of all parties.

The sea, the beach and nature

Feddet beach is one of South Zealand’s best and most popular bathing beaches and we want to continue to preserve it. The beach stretches several kilometers along Feddet. With its shallow water, Feddet beach is a beautiful child-friendly beach with lots of lovely white sand to build beautiful sand castles in and unleash your imagination and creativity. We therefore need your help to take care of the beach, the sea and the wildlife that takes place along the coast and in the sea, by not leaving rubbish on the beach. Use the rubbish bins instead, and if you encounter rubbish on your walk, we encourage you to take it with you, so that we all help each other keep the beach nice and clean.

The beach and the coastline are a large part of the peninsula Feddet, and that is precisely why we must take good care of it. Unfortunately, we often see that plastic and residual waste find their way out to the sea and / or from the sea and into the beach, and it destroys our nature, and at the same time has a hard time perishing. Feddet Strand Resort has therefore signed up as an Marine Environment Guardian – and you are welcome to give us a helping hand. In the information at the holiday park, we hand out garbage bags so that together we can help ensure that both the beach and the sea are free of plastic items.

At Feddet Strand Resort, all our fields are operated and cultivated as organic agriculture as part of producing environmentally friendly and organic products. At Feddet you can also pick organic blueberries. The blueberries on Feddet are of the large-bush variety and can be up to 2 meters high. The berries are therefore easy to pick for both children and adults. At Feddet, we constantly try to have a sharp focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly enterprises, which must help shape our growing climate efforts. We want to protect Feddet as a peninsula, including our beautiful land and nature, so that not only we, but also future generations of guests can experience and enjoy all that we have the opportunity for right now, the beautiful nature on Feddet, the beach and the sea, the forests and not least the wild nature out on the heath, where it oozes with wildlife and unique nature experiences.

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