Gåsetårnet Vordingborg

Gåsetårnet is a historic experience

30 minutes drive from Feddet Strand Resort, then you end up at Vordingborg. Here you can visit the ruin of a large medieval castle. Gåsetårnet Vordingborg is the only part of this mighty castle that is well preserved. The rest of the castle is laid in ruins, and it is hard to believe that at that time there were as many as nine towers of the same size that towered up from the castle. The 650-year-old tower offers historical experiences for the whole family. Here you get a feeling of stepping into the Middle Ages.


Gåsetårnet Vordingborg
Castle ruins 1
4760 Vordingborg

Distance from Feddet:

30 km
Danmarks Borgcenter

Experience the historic tower

Gåsetårnet Vordingborg

The castle in Vordingborg was large and mighty, but is today a ruin. This happened because power shifted from Vordingborg to Copenhagen. The castle was therefore left to decay. The tower, however, was still used, but to keep prisoners imprisoned.

When you go on a day trip from Feddet to Vordingborg, you can experience all the unique details of Gåsetårnet. The tower is especially known for the golden goose that sits on top of it. Valdemar Atterdag put the golden goose on top of the tower, as a mockery of 77 German Hanseatic cities, from which he had received a declaration of war. He justified it by saying that he was no more afraid of them than of 77 screeching geese. The golden goose on the tower today is not the same. The original was stolen by Erik of Pomerania. A new one was made in 1871, and 100 years later it was gilded with 2 kg of gold.

Learn about the Middle Ages at Danmarks Borgcenter

Want to know even more about the Middle Ages? Then you can visit Denmark’s Borgcenter, which is also located in Vordingborg. Here you can get on some exciting guided tours of the tower and the castle ruins, where you can hear many interesting stories about the past. Or how about an insight into what it was like to be at a castle under siege? You can also experience this in the center’s new and digital exhibition. See more about Danmarks Borgcenter here .

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