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Have you previously visited the Feddet?

Have you previously visited the Feddet?

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You know it for sure. You have just bought an item online, and then it does not take many moments before you receive an email asking you to review your shopping experience.

We know it can be annoying to spend time on, but nonetheless, companies today are more dependent on reviews from their customers than ever because it is necessary for them to appear in Google searches and because new customers are also looking at reviews and recommendations.

Therefore, we hope you feel like giving us a minute to recommend us on Facebook. If you are reading this page from a computer, we have made it easy for you, as simply pressing the buttons below to provide a review. If you use a phone, find us in your Facebook app, by searching for Feddet Strand Resort, and then select recommend.

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As a thank you for the help, we are drawing lots for three weekend stays in one of our new Premium Beach Cabins, in the period from d. October 1 – December 21, 2022 (excluding the autumn holidays), among all who have submitted a notification on one of the three above-mentioned platforms, before d. October 1, 2022. The winners will be notified directly by commenting on the review, with an invitation to contact us. All reviews on all platforms are of course included in the pool, both positive and negative (if there should be any negatives at all 😉)

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