Gavnø Castle Christmas Market

Christmas fun for the whole family

You drive in from the old stone bridge, you can see the ornate trees with Christmas lights and already sense the smell of mulled wine, roasted almonds and other delicious Christmas treats.

The baroness at the castle loves Christmas, and therefore Gavnø Castle offers a Christmas market every year in November. They have been doing this for 13 years, and now it has actually become Denmark’s largest Christmas market. It must be experienced! You get a magical day full of Christmas atmosphere and fun for the whole family.


Gavnø Castle
Gavnø 2
4700 Næstved

Distance from Feddet:

33 km

Unique cosiness for Gavnø Castle's Christmas market

Gavnø Castle is located only 32 km from Feddet Strand Resort. It is therefore an obvious getaway to take when you are on a weekend trip in November or camping with us over the winter. Gavnø Christmas market is for both children and adults and can be enjoyed by the whole family, as a cozy boyfriend trip, with friends or as a break from camping life.

It takes approx. 35-40 minutes drive from Feddet Strand Resort to Gavnø Castle. We are therefore an obvious accommodation option for those of you who dream of combining the Christmas atmosphere at Gavnø Castle with a cozy weekend trip.

Discover everything from decorations to Christmas concerts

Gavnø Christmas Market is for the whole family. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – 2 weekends in November. These are the days you can have a wealth of wonderful and cozy experiences at the Christmas market at Gavnø Castle. About 150 stands are distributed in the castle’s associated stable buildings. You can discover everything from beautiful Christmas decorations and fine handmade things to delicious cakes, spirits, food and drinks. And who knows? Maybe Santa Claus shows up too? It will definitely be a fun and unforgettable day for the whole family.

You can really spend many hours enjoying Christmas at the market at Gavnø Castle. But the experience does not end here. The castle also has a large castle garden. You can buy a hot drink or a delicious cake at the Christmas market, which you can enjoy while walking around the enchanting nature and captivating the castle from the outside.

In connection with the Christmas market, there are also Christmas concerts with talented musicians. You therefore get ample opportunity to really get in the mood, have fun together and enjoy good music.

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