Christmas at Gisselfeld Monastery

Gisselfeld Christmas Market

Do you dream of a mini vacation or weekend trip with Christmas magic and adventurous moments? Then you must book your stay at Feddet Strand Resort. Our beautiful campsite is ideally located for an excursion to one of Zealand’s best Christmas markets, namely the one at Gisselfeld Kloster. The monastery is located only 25 minutes drive from the square. It is therefore an obvious place to visit as a morning or afternoon excursion. At the monastery you can experience Denmark’s cozy Christmas market, where you will find more than 100 stalls. Get in the perfect Christmas mood with all sorts of goodies and the most Christmas-themed surroundings.


Gisselfeld Kloster
Gisselfeldvej 12 A
4690 Haslev

Distance from Feddet:

22 km
Jul på Gisselfeld Kloster

Gisselfeld monastery Christmas market

The Christmas market takes place in the last weekends of November. It is an obvious opportunity for you with children, as well as for couples. When you have nevertheless gone to Feddet Camping to enjoy peace and relaxation during the stressful Christmas time, why not get 100% in the Christmas mood? You do without a doubt at the Christmas market Gisselfeld.

Experience the completely magical and beautifully decorated Christmas market with a wealth of stalls. Yes, in fact more than 100 of these. You can treat yourself to all sorts of Christmas treats, exciting decorations, decorative greenery and applied art.

For the kids, of course, there are also lots of fun activities. Santa Claus, of course, makes his way past the market, where he greets the children in Santa’s cave under the castle. There will also be pony rides as well as a lot of nice music and entertainment for the whole family.

Gisselfeld Monastery offers some truly idyllic surroundings. Take a good walk in the castle park and enjoy each other’s company – who knows, maybe the park is covered with a nice layer of snow?

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