Bernstorff Castle Christmas Market

Experience a magical Christmas market at Bernstorff Castle

Do you want to go on a day trip and experience one of the nicest Christmas markets on Zealand during your short holiday or weekend stay at Feddet? Then you must go to Bernstorff castle Christmas market. It is one of the most popular Christmas markets. Best of all, it is only approx. 1 hour drive from Feddet Camping. The castle is located in northern Copenhagen near Gentofte. It could therefore ideally be combined with a Christmas trip to the capital, where you can also experience many other fun Christmas activities.


Bernstorff Castle
Jægersborg Allé 93
2820 Gentofte

Afstand fra Feddet:

93 km

Everything from Christmas food and Christmas hearts to Christmas decorations

The Christmas market at Bernstorff Castle offers a bit of everything. It is really set up for the most cozy Christmas atmosphere for the whole family. The market has understood the concept of a good Christmas atmosphere and being a Christmas market for everyone. It typically takes place in early December on the weekends.

In the most idyllic castle surroundings you can treat yourself to everything from Christmas food and Christmas wine to mulled wine, Christmas snacks, Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, Christmas hearts, Christmas melodies, Christmas presents, Christmas fun, Santa Claus, Christmas cake – yes pretty much everything that has to do with Christmas.

With the adventurous castle as a backdrop, it just does not get better. You may be hoping for a small, fine layer of snow on the roof of the breathtaking castle. Then the Christmas mood and the perfect surroundings for the market are set. Either way, you are guaranteed magical Christmas fun for all the money.

Stay at Feddet and get the best Christmas mood

When you go and consider where the short holiday or weekend trip in November / December should go, then you should consider Feddet Camping. Our place is ideally located for day trips to Christmas markets like the one at Bernstorff Castle. It is only approx. 1 hour drive away, and you can therefore easily take an excursion there during the day – whether it is for morning or afternoon.

Are you all up for Christmas gear after a day at Bernstorffs Castle? And do you need to get down into gear again? Then you can enjoy our many modern facilities on the site. Relax e.g. of in our delicious wellness department – the feet may well need it, after trotting around the market for several hours. The children can frolic in the indoor playground or the huge water park if there is energy left for it. And otherwise, tomorrow must also go with something.

Book this year’s Christmas stay in December at Feddet Strand Resort – we look forward to seeing you!

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