Covid-19 information

If special COVID-19 restrictions apply, they will appear on this page.

Do you have questions about. corona, you can contact the corona hotline on +45 7020 6044

At Feddet Strand Resort, we cherish your safety and security and want to give you and your family the best holiday.

Around the holiday park and at all service buildings you will find liquor stations where you can spray your hands. Furthermore, the holiday resort follows the current guidelines from the Health Authorities, which are updated regularly.

We recommend the following when visiting Feddet Strand Resort

  • Remember to wash your hands regularly
  • Remember to keep your distance
  • Remember to think of each other
  • Follow the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s recommendations
  • Also remember to give your children a thorough message so we can all feel safe and enjoy it here at Feddet Strand Resort.

With the desire for a good holiday to all.

Kitesurfere i solnedgangen
Dronefoto over Feddet Strand Resort

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