Nature holiday in Denmark

Feddet offers wild nature, balm for body and soul, holidays and experiences for life.

A unique offer for you who want to get really close to nature when you are on holiday

The Feddet peninsula is much more than just a holiday resort.

Here you will find some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature and beach, where you get the opportunity to get really close to nature.

Experience Feddet on horseback

Are you for a fantastic experience, with Icelandic horses in a magical riding terrain, we collaborate with Guldhest, to create unique rides on the peninsula: You can read more at

Quiet and scenic surroundings

If you love quiet and scenic surroundings, then Feddet is an obvious choice! Feddet Strand Resort is located, with its location by Faxe Bay, in one of Zealand’s most beautiful areas. The area invites to pleasant walks and can also boast of having one of Zealand’s best beaches.

Use i.a. our nature holiday as a cheap summer holiday in Denmark or as a unique winter holiday in the fresh air.

Cultural experiences

The geographical location of the site also provides ample opportunity for several different cultural experiences – and with approximately an hour’s drive to Copenhagen, the options are infinite. Or how about a trip to Møns Klint where you can experience unique nature. or as a unique winter holiday in the fresh air

Adult swimming and wellness

Every morning we have reserved the large indoor pool for adult swimming, so you can enjoy a fresh morning dip without a crowded pool. At the same time you can also use our outdoor wellness department where you will find a 38 degree hot spa and a panoramic sauna. See prices and more about our indoor pool and wellness here .

Modern, neat and clean service buildings

When going on holiday, the facilities must be in order. That is why we care so much that our service buildings always appear neat and clean.

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Nature holiday at Feddet Strand Resort

Do you love being out in nature? Or do you just need to get away from a busy day and from city life? When you go on holiday in Denmark, you can really have the very best nature holiday.

Our own Danish country offers very incredibly beautiful nature, which you do not just see in everyday life. Feddet Strand Resort is located in completely idyllic surroundings on Feddet in Faxe bay, which is one of the most beautiful places on Zealand.

The area contains both lots of beach and forest with historical landmarks, opportunities for beautiful views, stunning scenery and rich wildlife.

Overnight very close to nature

Feddet Strand Resort offers the opportunity to go on a holiday or a weekend stay, where you can get out of the usual surroundings. Here you can spend the night in scenic surroundings with many options.

You can just pack the picnic basket and go for a nice walk or bike ride on Feddet. There are lots of beautiful places where you can unfold the picnic rug and just enjoy each other’s company, your lunch and being in one with nature. In the area you will find, among other things, one of Zealand’s best beaches.

Is the day raining and windy? Then you can still be active in our indoor gym. And if you just need a little break from a long day in nature, then you should also enjoy a relaxing walk in our indoor water park and wellness.

We have something for everyone – and if there is one or two from the family or group who are not into nature experiences, then we also have a wealth of exciting indoor activities.

Take a nature holiday in Denmark’s most beautiful nature

The nature around Feddet Strand Resort offers wonderful walking or cycling trips. If you want a shorter excursion, you can also sail over to Præstø or take the car on a short drive to Møns Klint. Here there is truly unique nature for all the money.

Book your holiday at Feddet Strand Resort today, and look forward to an unforgettable holiday in the spirit of nature!

Fantastic holiday in nature – visit Feddet!

Do you dream of a nature holiday in a class of its own? The Feddet peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Denmark. The scenic surroundings in which our campsite is located offer a bit of everything. You can have experiences out in nature at sea, on the beach, in the forest and in the dunes. Whether it should be at a leisurely or active pace – it’s up to you. Out in nature at Feddet, the holiday can be spent on everything from hiking, beach trips and picnics to kitesurfing, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, golf and much more. There are plenty of opportunities to be active, as well as there to relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet and being away from the busy everyday life.

Book your holiday at Feddet Strand Resort today, and experience everything from one of Denmark’s best beaches to a wealth of exciting activities in nature. We guarantee that you will never have a boring holiday in nature when you book a stay at Feddet Strand Resort.

Denmark’s most beautiful nature and beach

Holidays in nature do not have to be primitive. Feddet Strand Resort is a 5-star campsite with a wealth of good accommodation options. With us you can stay overnight in your own caravan or motorhome as well as in one of our luxurious holiday cabins, beach houses or villas. In other words, you can feel that you are on holiday in luxurious surroundings, at the same time as you are on a wonderful nature holiday in Denmark.

Your nature holiday at Feddet can be put together just the way you want it. Whether all the days should be spent on the beach and the pace should be calm, or whether you want active moments – it’s entirely up to you. You can try your hand at everything from leisurely rides on the beach to adrenaline-filled rides on electric motorcycles. We offer many different ways to experience nature.

Nature holiday with children of all ages

Do you dream of taking the children out into nature on this year’s holiday? Should it be on the beach, forest and exciting excursions?

The beach is a must when summer is upon us. Sunny days with sand and water games are something most children dream of. From the square you can walk straight down to the beach and enjoy hours of fun playing in the water and in the sand. On the site there are also many outdoor opportunities. We have a playground, pet zoo, go-kart bikes and much more. The kids can easily get outside and use their energy.

Holidays in nature Denmark is also welcome to offer forest. Around Feddet Strand Resort there is lots of beautiful forest. Here you can go for some good walks and make stops to enjoy your packed lunch. If you want to go a little faster, you can also hop on the bike or mountain bike. There are many good routes in the area, which offer some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature.

Experiences in nature do not only have to take place around the square. We also have some of Denmark’s most beautiful places within easy reach. Pack your bag and go on an excursion to natural phenomena such as Møns Klint and Faxe Kalkbrud – or experience exotic animals in nature in Knuthenborg Safari Park.

Book this year’s holiday at Feddet Strand Resort and get nature get all the money. No matter how you dream of experiencing nature, it is possible at Feddet!

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