Hiking holiday in Denmark's most beautiful natural surroundings

Child-friendly walking holiday on Zealand

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Hiking holiday in scenic surroundings

Do you love being on an active holiday? Hike in the Danish countryside and experience the beautiful nature? The Feddet peninsula, where our beautiful holiday park is located, offers incredibly beautiful nature. There are a wealth of good hiking trails that you can go on. You can walk ‘Feddet around’, which is possible on several fantastic walking routes. In addition, you can also move north of the holiday park and, among other things, experience nature and wildlife in Strandegård Deer Park.

Hiking holiday in Denmark at Feddet Strand Resort offers a wealth of wonderful experiences in nature. With us, you can easily get an entire holiday to go hiking in the area around the square. And it does not matter if you are experienced hikers or just beginners who love a good walk.

From our place you can start on a wealth of good hiking routes that take you around all the beautiful nature on the peninsula. You are guaranteed a holiday with some unforgettable nature experiences!

Active hiking holiday on Zealand

Do you dream of a hiking holiday on Feddet? Then you have found the obvious place to stay. Some of the routes on Feddet are for example:

Hiking route Heden is an exciting and 6.7 km long hike on the eastern Feddet. Here you will encounter nature-rich experiences in the heath, such as the burial mound on the heath and Scottish highland cattle. A really good route for you who are used to hiking. You can start the route directly from Feddet Strand Resort, where at the beginning of the route you can also see a lighthouse and the old barn. A lot of the route takes place along the coast, so you also get close to the water.

Hiking route Offerlunden is a beautiful route on the western Feddet. The route is approx. 4.7 km long and also brings you down to the water and to Offerlunden. At the beginning of the route up by our camping area you will also find the Nature Center “Fiskerhuset”. And if you want, you can also choose to deviate a little from the hiking route and take a look at Fed harbor.

In addition to these two good hiking routes, you will also find a green route north of the holiday park. Go directly from the square to get to the starting point of the route, or take the car to the parking lot at Strandegård. The route goes up to Standegård Dyrehave, which is always great to walk in regardless of the season.

Choose one of the beautiful hiking routes in the area and pack a delicious packed lunch that you can make in the kitchen of one of our service buildings or in the kitchen of your holiday home. You can definitely find a good spot to enjoy your picnic on the hike.

When you are done for the day, you can relax with everything from the indoor pool to the luxurious wellness and spa. A long hike can be hard on the body, and it is therefore obvious to use some of our relaxing activities to “recharge”. If you want to be in top shape for the next hike, you can also make use of our modern fitness center.

Gode vandrestier på Feddet

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Hiking holidays in nature and in the big city

Do you dream of a hiking holiday, experience nature? There are also a wealth of beautiful areas near Feddet Strand Resort, where you can experience the best of Danish nature on foot. You can take the car and drive to one of these places:

Faxe limestone quarry – this attraction is located only approx. 10 km from Feddet Strand Resort and is therefore only a short drive away. Here you can easily enjoy some really good walks in the area. On this hike you come back to the ice age and even further back to the time of Denmark, when Denmark was actually covered by sea. It is a nature-rich and eventful hike.

Stevns nature center – at the center you can experience Stevns Klint, among other things. The area around the cliff offers many good opportunities for hiking in nature – e.g. Stevns Klint Trampesti. It’s about. 35 km to here from Feddet Strand Resort – so take the car and pack your hiking boots.

Møns Klint – this natural phenomenon finds in approx. 65 km from the site. It is also the perfect place to hike and experience nature. There are many good quality trails that invite for many hours of hiking in stunning natural surroundings.

Do you also want to look at something other than nature? Then you can drive into the capital. It takes approx. 1 hour. In Copenhagen you can go hiking in the big city, which offers many exciting experiences. There are lots of long routes, also past parks and nature – and with a wealth of culture around you.

Book your hiking holiday at Feddet Strand Resort

A hiking holiday should not only offer fantastic nature and good hiking routes. There must also be good accommodation and modern facilities where you live. Feddet Strand Resort is ideal for those of you who want to go on a hiking holiday. Here you can spend the night as primitive as possible, e.g. in caravan, or as luxuriously as possible, e.g. in a holiday cabin. It is entirely up to you which surroundings you want to return to after a long day of nature walks on the Feddet.

Long walks take a lot of energy, and therefore we have made it as comfortable as possible for you on the site. Among other things, you can enjoy an evening meal at the beach café or take takeaway down to your holiday home. Here you can relax on a beautiful terrace and enjoy the peace and atmosphere after a long day. If you choose to spend the night in a caravan, we offer good service buildings with bathing facilities, so you can enjoy a long and warm bath after a good portion of hiking.

Go on a hiking holiday in Denmark’s most beautiful nature on Feddet. You will find some of the best hiking routes and really get some unforgettable hikes. Book your holiday at Feddet Strand Resort today and start planning your hiking holiday today! We are looking forward to seeing you.

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