Camping close to Copenhagen

Campsite near Copenhagen

In South Zealand near Copenhagen you will find one of Denmark’s best holiday parks with camping, cabins, indoor water park and lots of activities.

Feddet Strand Resort is close to Copenhagen and close to nature

Go camping near Copenhagen and experience the possibilities of the big city as well as the tranquility and nature at the campsite. Feddet Strand Resort is a luxury campsite by Faxe, with only an hour’s drive from Copenhagen. Copenhagen is not just Denmark’s capital – it is Denmark’s pride and offers endless variations of attractions, sights and cultural experiences.

Lots of experiences

Here is just a small selection of popular experiences in Copenhagen – Tivoli , Thyco Brahe Planetarium , Copenhagen Zoo , Bakken , The Blue Planet , Rosenborg Castle, Christiansborg, Carlsberg Museum, the Opera, Nyhavn and many, many more…

All with Copenhagen within 1 hour and 15 minutes drive.

Combine nature and big city experiences

Feddet Strand Resort close to Copenhagen combines two of the Danes’ favorite occupations – namely to enjoy the big city’s race and its possibilities as well as relaxation with the family in beautiful nature. Feddet Strand Resort offers camping , cabins , holiday homes and mobile homes , so do not despair if you do not have a caravan.

Come and visit us

Come and visit Feddet Strand Resort near Copenhagen! We give you the opportunity to enjoy time and life with the family in scenic surroundings, where there are also lots of activities on the site such as. indoor pool , playground , AdventureGolf , creative workshop , jungle course , playgrounds and much more.

Rutsjebaner i Tivoli

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Camping near Copenhagen

Feddet Strand Resort is located close to Copenhagen, more precisely near Faxe – it is approx. 1 hour drive from Copenhagen. You can therefore easily choose our 5 star campsite if you want to explore the big city. The benefits are many. In addition to the fact that you can easily visit the big city, you also get fantastic nature, tranquility and relaxation and many exciting activities. It is therefore a bit like an all-in-one holiday experience – with experiences for all tastes!

5 star campsite near Copenhagen

Our campsite is 5 star. It is because we have a wealth of facilities and activities on site. The list is long, but you can use the shower, hot water in the kitchen and dishwasher in our service building, and experience everything from pool, wellness and indoor playground to adventure golf, jungle course, playgrounds and go-kart bikes – and much more.

You can spend the night here in your own caravan or choose one of our rental tents or cabins. Many activities are often included in the price.

Relaxing camping.

Camping holidays can also be ideal if you dream of peace and relaxation. It can be for a single weekend away from the busy workday or a few weeks on summer vacation. First, the area is filled with scenic and tranquil experiences. There is both beach and forest where you can go for walks and unwind. We also offer relaxing experiences such as pool and wellness. Feddet Strand Resort is therefore perfect for the next girlfriend or gentleman trip!

Nature-rich camping near Copenhagen

Do you love nature, and should your holiday be filled with outdoor activities? When you choose Feddet Strand Resort, you can really get out into nature. The beach is right nearby when you want sun, fun and coziness. We also offer trips in nature, which can be enjoyed from a bicycle seat, horseback or on an electric motorcycle – you decide how fast it should go!

Campsite for the whole family

Our campsite is ideal if you want to go on holiday close to Copenhagen. The resort is only an hour’s drive from the big city. You therefore have the opportunity to take one or more days, where you drive on to Copenhagen and go exploring. Here you can experience everything from Tivoli, Copenhagen Zoo and Bakken to museums, the opera and the iconic ‘The Little Mermaid’ sculpture – and much more!

With our surroundings, activities and many opportunities, you can tailor your very own holiday so that it will be exactly as you want it!

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