Active holiday at Feddet

Active family vacation

There are many opportunities to stay in shape when you holiday at Feddet.

Have an active holiday at Feddet Strand Resort. Here are plenty of options for a real fitness vacation .

Miles of forest trails

Put on your running shoes and enjoy an active holiday with miles of forest trails with gentle climbs and long passages with loose sand.


Or hop on your MTB and follow the forest paths to the south, the surface varies between solid forest floor, gravel roads and large areas of loose sand which make demands on the technique and raise the pulse.


If you do kayaking, you can rent one from us, or you can of course bring your own. It is possible to row on both sides of Feddet, in the quiet Præstø fjord or the more challenging Faxe Bay.

Icelandic horses

Go on a horseback ride and enjoy the varied and beautiful riding trails at Feddet and Strandegård. You can book a ride with Sabine on her beautiful Icelandic horses. Sabine can tell you all about the exciting origins and fauna of the Fed. The trip goes along the beach, over the heath among the curious Højland cattle and through the deep pine forests. If you would like to bring your own horse, you can make an appointment with the information on telephone +45 5672 5206.


For riding on Icelandic horses, the date and time are shown in the activity calendar.

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Active family holiday at Feddet for all tastes

Do you dream of an active holiday for the whole family? As a couple? Or single? With children? Should it stand on wild mountain bike rides in the woods? Fun horse riding on the beach trip? Fun hours on the playground? Water play on the beach? Adrenaline kicks on electric offraod motorcycle?

No matter how you want to be active on holiday, it is possible at Feddet Strand Resort. We are a 5-star campsite with everything the heart desires on the site and also a wealth of opportunities in the local area. We are located in the most scenic surroundings with beach, forest and heath, which invites to many eventful hours in nature. At the same time, we have also created a modern campsite with both indoor and outdoor activities for children and adults of all ages.

If you are looking for a holiday with active nature experiences on Zealand, then we are the place! Book your holiday at Feddet Strand Resort, and be active on your holiday! We guarantee experiences for every taste and that suit exactly your level of activity.

Active summer vacation for the whole family

Beach, forest, heath and water. Feddet Strand Resort is surrounded by all kinds of nature. Therefore, we can offer activities of all kinds in the area. You can move down to the beach yourself from your caravan or cabin. Here you can easily spend the whole day bathing, relaxing or going for nice walks on the beach. There is also plenty of forest. So if you dream of hiking and picnics in nature, just jump in the good hiking shoes. You can actually walk or cycle all around Feddet. There are good routes to both – and also many good parking spaces where you can park the car and go exploring from on foot or by bike.

At Feddet Strand Resort, we have also done a lot to create the best opportunities to be active on the site itself. You will therefore find many indoor and outdoor activities around you. That way you can be active, regardless of whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down. Outside you will find everything from playgrounds and go- kart bikes , to AdventureGolf , jungle course and netland . Indoors, it is possible to unwind in our pool area or in the modern fitness center . Whether you want sweat on your forehead or frolic in the water – it’s up to you!

Active holiday with children of all ages

Do you want to go on an active holiday with children in Denmark?

Feddet Strand Resort is the obvious vacation choice. Our place offers, first of all, good accommodation for the whole family. Here you can spend the night, regardless of whether you are into camping life in a more primitive way in a caravan and motorhome, or whether you want luxury in a beach villa, fishing cabin or holiday home. We have holiday forms for every taste, for every budget and always with room for the whole family.

Secondly, we have gathered a wealth of opportunities to be active. By your self. Or with the rest of the family. As well as just for the kids. Whether it’s summer and sun, autumn and rain – it makes no difference. We have both indoor and outdoor activities for children of all ages.

Our 5-star space offers a wealth of indoor activities for children. They can be active in our huge indoor water park . We have pools with depth for all ages and swimming levels. The water park is open all year round – and here it is always 29 degrees! Inside, the children can also get their heart rate up in our large playland. They can try their hand at everything from slides and climbing nets to ball pools. It is thus set up for many hours of fun and physical activity, even if the weather is boring outside.

When the weather is good and the kids want to be active outdoors, they can frolic in a host of activities. Our place offers everything from mini golf / AdventureGolf and go- kart bikes , to jungle course, netland and playgrounds . The children therefore have ample opportunity to be active in a fun and entertaining way. Many of the activities on the site are included in your stay – and some things you pay for.

The area around our lovely campsite also invites to exciting excursions. If you want to be active with the children, you can visit nearby activities such as Camp Adventure , which is packed with active, outdoor experiences. Also consider one of the exciting nature areas such as Møns Klint or Faxe Kalkbrud , where you can trot around for many hours and experience the area.

Experience-rich and active holiday in Denmark

Feddet Strand Resort offers active camping holidays for children , young people and adults of all ages. We have experiences in nature for all tastes close to our campsite. Whether it should be activities at a leisurely pace or active experiences full of adrenaline – it’s up to you.

Active holiday – Children in nature

Do you take the kids on holiday, and do you dream of going out and showing them nature in a new way? Feddet has some of the most scenic surroundings that give rise to everything from pleasant beach trips and cycling on Feddet, to horseback riding on the beach or in the woods for example. on Icelandic horses . We really have many child-friendly options nearby that make it easy for you to take the kids out into nature.

Active holiday with teenager

Do you have slightly older children, and should there be speed across the field? The possibilities are many, but especially electric motorcycles and kayaking are some of our popular activities in the area. It is possible to rent the electric motorcycles as well as equipment. The activity is for both young people (over 18 years) and adults and takes place with an instructor. Are you more into water activities? Then kayaking is an obvious option. Feel free to bring your own kayak or rent one – you can actually paddle around the entire peninsula.

Active holiday for adults

Are you on holiday as a couple or with friends? Do you want to enjoy the tranquility of nature, but also be active at the same time? There are many good opportunities. The nature at Feddet offers several good trails for mountain biking. You can really get out on some new and exciting routes off-road. At sea you can try your hand at kitesurfing . The bay and the fjord on either side of the Feddet are both obvious for active taming of the waves and the wind. Should it, on the other hand, go a little quieter? Then you can try your hand at angling .

Active holiday for singles

As a single, either with or without children, there are also many great opportunities to take a vacation filled with activities. If you have children with you, they can take advantage of the many offers on the site or in the surrounding nature. If you are going on holiday as a single, you can enjoy life on the beach or walk in nature. We also have a modern gym and indoor pool where you can be active at a more relaxed and leisurely pace. You can also hop on the bike and explore nature on your mountain bike. Or enjoy the silence out in the bay in a kayak. There are several great options for how to be active on your singles vacation .

Book this year’s active holiday Denmark children for the whole family today! Feddet Strand Resort offers the opportunity for active holiday experiences for all tastes. We look forward to fulfilling your holiday wishes with exciting activities for children and adults!

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