Popular experiences

Within 31-60 kilometers

Here you see a selection of the most popular excursions within 31 – 60 km from Feddet. Come by the information, then we can also help and advise in which excursions suit you.

Stevnsfortet koldkrigsmuseum

Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

Visit the nuclear-safe fort in Stevns Klint and hear the story of one of Denmark's most secret places, which was in the very front line during the Cold War. Cold War Museum Stevnsfort is an excursion destination for the whole family; there is plenty to see and experience.

Tulipaner ved Gavnø Slot

Gavnø Castle

The fairytale castle, The Fairytale Castle Park, Slotsbryggeriet Gavnø, Gavnø Go Fly, food - there are plenty of opportunities for an exciting experience for young and old on and around Gavnø, the fairytale castle on the flower island.

Stevns Klint

Stevns Nature Center

The nature center is open by appointment, but the nature and lookout tower, where you can see Sweden in good weather, the Øresund Bridge and Kongelunden on Amager, is open daily.

Shopping i Ringsted Outlet

Ringsted Outlet

Denmark's only real architect-designed outlet city - built as an original international outlet village with some of the world's largest brands side by side in each their own individual outlet. Here you can save up to 70% on various branded goods all year round.

Skjoldnæsholm Sporvejsmuseum

Skjoldnæsholm Tram Museum

Skjoldenæsholm working tramway museum, where you can drive with old trams. At the museum, which is located at Jystrup between Ringsted and Roskilde in the scenic Midtsjælland, trams from Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus operate 2 tram sections together with several foreign trams. On most opening days, the museum's veteran buses follow a route that runs through the beautiful area in the historic area around Valsølille lake.

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