The natural peninsula Feddet

- a unique outdoor experience

Zealand's naturegem

Feddet is a 2,000 year old peninsula formed by seawalls. Sand supply from the northeast means that the peninsula is still growing in width. The subsoil consists of deposits of sand, gravel and flint. Therefore, the soil is very nutrient-poor and here is a peculiar animal and plant life. The flat landscape is almost Jutlandic in character. To the east, Zealand’s largest heath is covered mostly by heather, to the south salt marshes, to the west grasslands that are grazed by sheep and in the central parts, oak, pine and birch forest. In many places only the sounds of nature are heard.

Rigt fugle og dyreliv på Feddet

The bird tower at Feddet

The bird tower – get close to nature

Depending on wind & weather, a trip to the bird tower on Feddet can offer exciting experiences. Sea eagles in pairs, a peregrine falcon over the meadows, blue hawks at the southern fields, or perhaps mountain eagles on overgrazing and crossbills in the forest. Have fun and look up if you want to see the sea eagle!

The bird tower has no. 20 on the overview map.


Nature center at Feddet

Naturcenter Fiskerhuset

You will find it on the Fjord side of Feddet just behind the campsite. In Fiskerhuset you can rent equipment to explore nature yourself, or you can participate in some of the tours and events that will be offered throughout the year. Nature guide at Præstø Fjord, Sara Gelskov is responsible for nature events at Fiskerhuset and around Præstø Fjord. If you are by car, you can park in the parking lot at Feddet Strand Resort. Fiskerhuset is located approx. 5 min. walk towards Præstø Fjord.

Naturcenter Fiskerhuset has no. 10 on the overview map.


Shelter site and packed lunch house at Fedhavnen

Naturrum Præstø Fjord – Shelter and packed lunch house at Feddet Harbor

As part of Naturrum Præstø Fjord, 3 shelters and a lovely packed lunch house have been built by the harbor at Feddet. There are also several table benches, a small nature playground and a toilet. Shelters must be booked via .

Bonfires must NOT be lit in the harbor area, but barbecues may be held in the packed lunch house. Use of the packed lunch house and playground for the day (08:00 to 18:00) is free.
If you come on foot, by bike or in a kayak, access to the garden area is free.
If you want to drive a car / motorcycle to the port, it costs 50.00 DKK per. vehicle.

The port has No. 13 on the overview map.


Strandegård Deer Park

Strandegård Deer Park

Regardless of the season, a walk in Strandegårds Dyrehave is beautiful, in the spring it is the beautiful forest floor with violets and anemones and birdsong from above that pulls, and in summer it is recommended to take the trip by bike through the forest and further along Skansestien along the rugged coast. Lunch and coffee can be enjoyed in a clearing in the forest floor or from Skansen’s ramparts where there is a fantastic view of Fakse bay. In the southern part of the forest towards the coast lies a long dolmen and four burial mounds and testify to the time in the area several thousand years ago. Troldhøjene is located close to the coast with beautiful views of the water, and in clear weather you can see Møn, Stevns Klint and Præstø. If you are by car, you can park in the car park by Dyrehaven or by Strandegård.

Strandegård Dyrehave has No. 1 on the overview map


Shelter at Strandegård

Close to the beach immediately south of Strandegård is a primitive overnight place with shelter, campfire site and mud toilet. Here it is possible to stay one night at a time for free. The shelter is intended for individuals and families who are hiking – cycling – or kayaking.

For accommodation in the Shelter, the following rules apply:

  • Only one night.
  • No groups.
  • No tents
  • No reservation.
  • It is allowed to make bonfires.

Registration when you arrive at Shelterpladsen on tel. +4540345601 (the number is also on the end of the Shelter). There is no car access to the Shelter. For guests in a car, there is parking along the road to Feddet. From the road there are about 300 m to Shelterpladsen.

Collection of drinking water can take place at Strandegård, St. Elmuevej 15. Here it is also possible to park the car.
Baths – washing cards and shopping: Feddet Camping, Feddet 12, 4640 Faxe.

The shelter at Strandegård has no. 6 on the overview map.

Other activities at Feddet

Book a stay at Feddet here

Indoor water park

Huge indoor water park with both outdoor jacuzzi and sauna.

Child-friendly sandy beach

Direct access to child-friendly white sand beach with water activities.

Unique nature

Magnificent nature area ready to be explored.


Lots of kid-friendly and fun activities for the whole family.

Close to Copenhagen

Only 50 minutes drive by Copenhagen.

Charging stands for EV's

We have charging stations for EV's, so you can fill the electric car with green energy

Oversigtskort over halvøen Feddet
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