Riding with your own horse

- at Feddet and Strandegård

Holiday at Feddet with your own horse

If you want to spend a holiday with your horse and want to experience Feddet’s beautiful nature from horseback, you can take your horse on holiday to Feddet Strand Resort. Our partner Guldhest.dk offers large green areas in pens, ready for you and your horse, where fresh water and green grass is a matter of course. You only pay DKK 75. per day per. horse. The pens are located right next to the holiday park. You can hear more at Guldhest.dk or by phone +45 40 48 10 60.

Flot solnedgang på hesteryg


Do you want to take the horse on holiday? As a family with happy children or a group of horse girls, this is the obvious option. At Feddet you can enjoy an active and cozy holiday by riding horses. Horse riding on Feddet can easily take place with your own horse. Guldhest, which offers horseback riding, also offers that you can have your horse housed during the holidays. The facilities at Guldhest are wonderful, and your horse gets green areas to frolic in – always with fresh water and green grass. You can also get access with a day pass or a 10-trip riding pass. It is up to you whether you just want to ride a few days or during the whole holiday.


Do you dream of a riding holiday with your own horse? Do you also need a little luxury? Then you should spend your active holiday at Feddet Strand Resort. We offer several wonderful accommodation options in everything from camping and motorhomes to cabins and holiday homes.

When you’re not out riding Feddet, you can frolic in our many other offers and activities. Our 5-star campsite offers everything from pool, wellness and fitness to a wealth of child-friendly activities such as playground, playground, pet zoo and much more. So whether it’s the horse girl group or the family with horse-happy children who are away, there’s plenty to do when you are not riding.


Holiday on your own horse? There is nothing more beautiful than being able to take your very own horse on holiday. The area on Feddet offers incredibly beautiful nature and many different types of riding terrain. A riding trip to Zealand with us can take place in a forest, moor or beach. The area around the site actually offers more than 30 km of riding trails – which you can access with your riding license. In addition, the area also offers good parking opportunities for your horse trailer.


Would you like to try horseback riding on the beach? So why not strap on the horse trailer behind the car and take the horse on holiday at Feddet? It really is an opportunity to get out and ride in brand new surroundings. You get nature experiences with the purchase and try something completely different than riding on a track or in the familiar surroundings at home.

Our campsite is located close to Copenhagen. We are therefore an obvious holiday option if you want to get away from the big city and enjoy nature on horseback.

Horse trailer parking:

You can park your horse trailer in 3 places on Feddet.

  • At Fedhavnen (Point 12 on the overview map)
  • At the blueberry plantation (Point 13 on the overview map)
  • At Fedgården (Point 17 on overview map)

Please make sure that your horse trailer does not block other traffic and residents of Feddet.

If you have questions about the possibilities and would like to hear more, please contact us by phone on +45 56 72 52 06 or by e-mail at info@feddetcamping.dk

See opening hours for the information in the activity calendar here .


Riding license

To ride on Feddet, you must have a riding license. This is purchased in the information at the resort. The price is DKK 100. pr. days per horse

If you have questions about the possibilities and would like to hear more, please contact us by phone on +45 56 72 52 06 or by e-mail at info@feddetcamping.dk

Equestrian trails

If you dream of riding your own horse at Feddet and Strandegård, you can buy day passes and full- and half-year riding passes for the area’s 30 km riding trails.


Day riding card: 100, – DKK / person.

Riding licenses can be purchased in the information at Feddet Strand Resort, Feddet 12, 4640 Faxe.

Other activities at Feddet

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