Relaxation and luxury

in Feddet's pool and spa area

Outdoor spa and sauna

Do you dream of relaxation and luxury? Feddet Strand Resort offers one of the most luxurious wellness stays in Denmark. Panoramic sauna? Outdoor and heated spa? Lovely sun area? Adult and children department? Our pool and wellness area has it all. Whether you are on a romantic wellness weekend or on a wellness holiday with the whole family. You can enjoy relaxation and get the feeling of luxury. Either when you get a massage, relax in the hot tub or get warmed up well in the sauna.

We recommend all our guests to try the wellness and pool. It is guaranteed to be an experience you do not get every day. Our delicious wellness exudes luxury, and the area forms a framework for cosiness, fun, relaxation and many unforgettable moments. You will certainly not be disappointed!


Wellness stays of the best kind

Wellness holiday at Feddet Strand Resort is an experience you will not want to miss. Sometimes you just need relaxation and quiet surroundings. You always get it in our beautiful wellness and pool area. Here you can put everyday stress behind you and just enjoy the moment. With family, partner or friends.

Are you visiting us in the summer? We also have a nice outdoor area where you can sunbathe and just lie back and relax in the comfortable sun loungers. Maybe enjoy a cold beer or a delicious drink? You decide for yourself. Wellness at Feddet Strand Resort is a wonderful change from everyday life – and our guests always leave the place with a smile on their face.

Go on a wellness weekend stay

A spa and wellness stay is the ideal excursion when you want to get a little away from everyday drum space. You can either visit our wellness as overnight guests in places or just come by for a single visit. Who knows? Maybe you enjoy it so much that you feel like coming again?

The visit to our wellness and pool takes place via payment with clips. The clip cards can be purchased in the information and are inserted on a bracelet. That way, they are super easy to use. The price of your wellness varies depending on which scrapbook you buy. Overnight guests get admission to the spa and pool area for 4 clips, whereas non-overnight guests must pay 6 clips per night. entrance.

You can also buy an activity package that includes wellness / pool and other activities.

If you come for a single day, you can just pay an entrance fee of 60, – DKK. if you are a guest in advance, and otherwise 80, – DKK. if you are not a guest in the holiday park.

Romantic wellness stay for 2

Wellness is also a place for romantic moments. With the man or woman in your life. At Feddet you can enjoy romantic moments in the heated, outdoor spa or in the exceptional panoramic sauna. Finish off with ‘the cold shiver’ in one of the outdoor showers. Or relax together on one of the comfortable sun loungers in the pool area.

Wellness camping for the family

At Feddet there it is always bathing weather! Our large indoor wellness and pool area is always heated to 29 degrees in the pool and 38 degrees in the whirlpool. Whether you visit us in autumn, winter, spring or summer, there is always the opportunity to dive into the pool or relax in the hot tub.

Camping with wellness with us is for the whole family. In the wellness area, a children’s and adult department has therefore been created. In the children’s pool there is fun for the little ones with a water depth of 0-40 cm. The pool is 10×11 m long, so there is room for everyone. In the adult pool you can enjoy relaxation in a 10×25 m long pool with a depth of 1.4 m.

The entire pool area is decorated with beautiful details such as fountains, fountains and massage benches with air and water massage. So there is room for everyone to relax, enjoy the moment and have fun – child and adult!

Do you dream of camping wellness on this year’s holiday or weekend trip? You will have your most relaxing and fun holiday ever at Feddet Strand Resort. We are ready to welcome you – our wellness is always heated and ready for relaxation!

Focus on green energy and sustainability

At Feddet Strand Resort, we produce our own heat, which is used in the pool and spa area, among other things. Our energy comes from Feddets forests, where we produce our own wood chips. The new and modern burner from Linka, which is one of the leading manufacturers in biomass plants, ensures that the fuel is utilized in the best possible way, so that as little wood chips as possible must be used and that you also have the best possible combustion. This solution is very reliable and at the same time creates an efficient utilization of the climate-friendly biofuel. In this way, we ensure that we live up to our expectations of ensuring a sustainable and green energy source for Feddet Strand Resort. Furthermore, we can be pleased that the power used at Feddet Strand Resort, among other places in the pool area to power the many pumps, is green power, supplied by Ørsted, which gets its power from renewable energy sources, such as European wind turbines.

Read more about our focus on sustainable here.

In the pool we use, just like at the rest of the campsite, revitalized water from Grander. The water has many beneficial effects. Among other things. it tastes better (though not that from the pool :-)) and feels softer. In addition, many users experience positive effects on health and wellness.


For guests staying at Feddet Strand Resort:
Access to pool and spa per. pers .: 4 clips
Access per pers. 60, – DKK. (without clip card)

For guests who do NOT stay at Feddet Strand Resort:
Access to pool and spa per. pers .: 6 clips
Between pr. pers. 80, – DKK. (without clip card)

Access must be purchased during the information’s opening hours.

Buy clips for experiences and comfort

At Feddet Strand Resort, the use of pool and spa, use of family rooms, Adventure Golf and paddle tennis are settled with clips that are inserted on a credit card or on a bracelet that is purchased in the information.

Clips are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. Unused clips are not refundable.

10 clips 120,- DKK
20 clips 200,- DKK
50 clips 400,- DKK
100 clips 700,- DKK
400 clips 1400,- DKK

When buying a bundle of clips, you can buy extra clips for DKK 15. per clip.



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