Ride Icelandic horses on Feddet

- for both children and adults

Icelandic horses

Do you dream of riding in the wilderness as far as the eye can see? And do you want to experience Feddets unique nature and wildlife up close from the back of an Icelandic horse?

Let the Icelandic horse lead you along winding forest paths and along the white sandy beach to Zealand’s largest heath, which is probably the closest we come to wild nature in Denmark.

The activity is handled by our partner guldhest.dk

Flot solnedgang på hesteryg

Trained tour guides

Equestrian guides with many years of experience guide the tours and help you get the riding experience of your life.
Guldhest has beautiful quality Icelanders for the experienced rider who just wants to tölt to the end of the world.

Also for children and families

For children and families who are untrained or have never been in the saddle, we arrange safe walks on calm horses. Or quiet walks in stride, trot and tölt for the easy-going.

We arrange horseback riding every day throughout the year.

Price for a 1-hour round trip on Feddet 550 DKK
See more about all our products at www.guldhest , or book directly via tel .: +45 4048 1060.

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All tours must be booked in advance with Guldhest.

Tour riding on Icelandic horses

Experience the forest, the beach, the fjord and the heath from the back of one of our sweet calm Icelandic horses. We ride all year round and all tours are guided – are you going?

The following trips are possible (note that the trips have a color, but that this has nothing to do with the color codes on the routes on the map, shown here on the page)

  • Green walk to forest and beach – Quiet beginner’s walk in steps, where everyone, children and adults, can join in, and where you can walk with and pull smaller children. From 5-6 years. One and a half hours including instruction DKK 550
  • Yellow walk to forest, beach and heath – Quiet walk for both adults and easy-going children, with steps, tölt and trot. From 10 years. One and a half hours DKK 550
  • Red trip to forest, beach and heath – Fresh trip for experienced young people and adults in all gaits. From 16 years. One and a half hours DKK 550
  • Blue trip to forest, beach and heath as well as the southern tip. Fresh walk in all gaits for the experienced adult. Two hours DKK 650

Guldhest also offers cool events for groups / companies. Weekly addictive hiking teams all year round. Tour-cards. One to one, Equestrian therapy or learn to ride lessons on weekdays and the possibility of pen rental.

Booking, prices and information, please contact Guldhest +45 40481060 or info@guldhest.dkwww.guldhest.dk

Tour riding on Icelandic horses at Feddet

Tour riding on Icelandic horses

Do you dream of a pleasant riding holiday? Maybe just a single ride on horseback during the holidays?

At Feddet you can take a riding holiday on Icelandic horses. When you book this trip with Guldhest, you come out and experience nature. You ride forest trails as well as on the beach. It is truly a wonderful experience, both for those interested in horses and for those who want to experience nature at Feddet. The area around the site offers riding terrain for all tastes and nature experiences in a class of their own.

Riding holiday Icelandic horses Zealand

Feddet Strand Resort is an obvious place to stay when you want to tour riding Icelandic horses Zealand. There is plenty of opportunity to book a wonderful trip that takes you around to nature and the beach at Feddet. The tours take place at Guldhest, which arranges tours for both children and families as well as experienced riders. The trip is always adapted to your level. If you go as a family, you get to ride Icelandic horses at a leisurely pace.

Riding holiday on Icelandic horses in Denmark at Feddet is an obvious choice if you dream of an active holiday. The tours are guided and on the most beautiful Icelandic horses. The rides can be booked all year round, so it does not matter if you visit us in spring, summer or autumn. There is always a good opportunity to get out into nature on Icelandic horses.

Riding Icelandic horses at Feddet

Feddet offers a lot of nature. Around our 5-star campsite you will find forest, moor, dunes and beach. The area is therefore ideal for riding holidays on Icelandic horses. Whether you have tried riding before or not, it is an obvious option. Icelandic riding can be done at a leisurely as well as fast pace. All tours are adapted to the level of the participants.

The tours are booked as 1.5 hour round trips on Feddet for DKK 550. It is entirely up to you whether you just want to go on a tour for a single day, or whether it is something to try again and again during the holidays.

When you have finished an active morning or afternoon with riding on Feddet, you can return to the square and enjoy our many wonderful facilities such as wellness and pool. You can also relax in your holiday cottage or beach house. We offer some of the best accommodation options, so you can easily combine the riding holiday with a touch of luxury.

Book today and have the active holiday in house!

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