Rental of bicycle go-karts

Many different kinds

Rent a bicycle go-kart

At Feddet Strand Resort we have a large number of different go-kart bikes that we rent out. Try e.g. a bike ride in our large 6 person bike where the whole family helps to power it. Or how about a ride in one of our lightning-fast go-kart bikes, where you almost lie down?

For there to be enough go-kart bikes for everyone, it costs to rent them. In return, according to our guests, it is worth all the money!

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Nr. 1-19 go-karts: 50, – DKK pr. hour

Nr. 20-22 go-karts: 100, – DKK pr. hour

Nr. 23-39 go-karts: 35, – DKK pr. hour

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